SoNoRo. Music, the supreme delight

With the theme Hide & Seek, the SoNoRo International Music Festival was at its 12th edition this year and it reunited both Romanian and foreign musicians. Music lovers from Bucharest, Cluj, Timișoara and Brașov. I attended 3 of the concerts. Each concert has a different location, so it fit the description of each music score.  I was so blessed with the live music coming from string instruments, piano and the lovely voice of soprano Ruxandra Donose. When you are given an opportunity to hear live music, go for it! It will do you good. music is a bliss.

Opera senza Opera took place at the Radio Hall and it was a concert that consisted of musical works by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart  and Richard Wagner.  I was really delightful to hear the music played live the musicians from all over the world. It really gave me wings to fly into another dimension. It game me strength to dream and to live that dream. Through music dreams become unbreakable. The dream festival SoNoRo went on.

The second concert I had the wonderful chance to attend was called  In Disguise and it included works of composers Dimitri Shostakovitch, Edison Denisov, Francis Poulenc, Ludwig van Beethoven.  Aula Magna is  a really majestic hall from The Academy of Economical Studies and I was so thankful to return there. The moment I heard the music I was in pure joy, because everything seemed wonderful and charming.

The last concert I attended was called Seven Last Words by Joseph Haydn –  The last seven words of the Savior on the cross –  for strings quartet and reciter.  The concert was held in the graceful hall from The National Bank of Romania. The actor Constantin Chiriac was the special guest star who interpreted the verses, and the music was played by Răzvan Popovici (fiddle), Philippe  Graffin (violin),  Marc Bouchkov (violin), Gavriel Lipkind (cello). Such a great pleasure to hear poetry combined with music and together they formed a world of endless fascination.

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