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„The world would be a darker place without you.”

The power of story-telling through music and visuals

Live Cinema is perhaps one of the most mesmerizing shows I’ve seen during the past years. It takes a certain kind of mental structure and strength to be able to take portions of your life and shape them into a show with visuals and music in it, all interconnected. I have never seen such an original artistic performance, which is also powerful and touching, with very creative means of exposing reality.

Personal lifetime stories are mixed with personal interests such as world record and famous artists unknown side. I’ve been so lucky to attend this show, just because the concept created by documentary filmmaker Sam Green and musician Brent Green and his band it’ s really unique and it manages to captivate all your senses and the same time activate your imagination in a different way.

An artist is also a fighter. And whoever manages to turn the pain into healing through their art is a true genius, to my mind. A child that meets sufferance long before he even knows what it means. He witnesses the pains of his aunt and his grandfather, their struggles with fatal disease and unexpected death. A childhood surrounded by the yelling pain is not really a childhood is it? The visuals in this stories are hand-made by the musician Green, which is another unique element of the performance.

The documentary Green has stories with the Louis Armstrong, the biggest cat, the tallest man, the oldest people in the world and the fog in San Francisco. Did you know that the oldest person in the world record is updated each time the eldest dies? I absolutely loved the story with Louis Armstrong that carried a recorder wherever he went for posterity. If you close your eyes you can actually hear him breathe, said the director to the entire audience at Thalia Hall. I’ve seen Live Cinema at FITS, and I am really grateful for the experience!

Here is a short video with the two directors and performers of the show.

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