Lisa Strømme: Difficult people intrigue me.

What a lovely bright day for going to Humanitas Bookshop from Cismigiu and shoot a new literary event organized by Humanitas Fiction Publishing House. The author, Lisa Strømme engaged into a conversation with her Romanian readers and also the speakers present at the book launch. The novel is called The Strawberry Girl and it is her first book ever published, which has already been translated into 12 foreign languages in 11 months since its release on the literary market. Let us see what the author has to share with us about writing mixed with feelings, a bit painting of the human soul. 

A writer like a painter: I wanted to use my words to paint like paint on a canvas. Some paragraphs in my book are very fragmented, they don’t even make sense. They are just colours, splashes and feelings. I was trying not to do that too much, because otherwise it would be unreadable. Just occasionally when it comes to something emotional that my character is feeling I wanted to make it a little bit like splashing paint onto a canvas.

About famous people and the world’s perception of them: It is very difficult when you are dealing with someone famous because everyone thinks that they know who he is. I tried to represent him in a way that it was sympathetic to him. You are constantly questioning: Is that something he would have done?  I think that is probably the hardest part in writing historical fiction-  a certain amount of it is true.

Writing your first book vs. writing your second one: There is a kind of relaxed state when you are writing your first novel. It is still very much a hobby, it is playful, and I enjoyed writing this book and I wanted to spend time doing it.  So, I didn’t put that much pressure on myself. I wrote when I could, but I didn’t have that much of structure. It was very easy and very laid back, compared with the book I am writing now, where I sit down and write every single day and I write as much as I possibly can. I have a publisher waiting for my next book. I have to beat myself, I have to make it better. There is a lot of pressure involved into writing my second book, whereas for my first book I had no idea if anybody was going to read it.

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