Artists talk, hear the silence scream

Last year I met theater director Gianina Cărbunariu in two of the theater festivals from Romania ( FITS in Sibiu and Ideo Ideis in Alexandria), and I was so happy to hear her speak about her art, which is incomparable to anything I have seen so far: she spends months and months on research and documenting the lives of people and then she turns their stories into a theater shows. It is quite amazing.

I have seen just 4 shows written and directed by her and I cannot thank her enough for choosing this career path, for creating a theater genre that is a direct consequence of contemporart events. Her theaterical art speaks to the deaf ears of the numb hear and they start bleeding paintings of the harsh reality. We are a part of it, but we know very little about it. Now on stage, we get to live it through the characters, that were inspired from real people.

There is a quite big amount of resposibility and obligations hanging on your shoulders when you tell the true story of actual living people on stage. Why should it be so complicated? Journalists report people’s live day and night, right? Journalists only report, they do not recreate the actual reality through art. And journalists are trained to not get attached to their subjects, like doctors are not supposed to get attached to their patients. We often forget that news mean people go through this right now. It is not some words spilled on a website or read from a prompter by the anchorman. So, news means something happened to people somewhere. Somewhere in Europe the artists get to talk about their work to a live audience in a different given circumstance.

I loved this show… The ending it made me choke to tears as it hit an old opened wound of mine: the injustice done to the cultural personalities while they are alive and the praise they get after their lives have ended, just because someone makes money out of their work. My heart fills with bitterness to see how many articles are published in the media about an artist or author, after he or she passes away… Art can be praised at anytime, but how about the one making the art? Shouldn’t that person get a little credit for it, too? People matter as art matters. Life matters more than death. Art cannot save people from untimely deaths, death will spare no one. Art is a great reminder of its creators which are more than a name on a poster or book.

This is just one of the six stories of the Artists Talk, a show about people making art for their own egoes, for money, for society, for political reasons, for breaking barriers and changing a pattern. There are so many questions arising from this show. As I said, a whole show cannot be crucified with words in one single article, this is why I feel it is my duty to go and see and write about each single experience of the same show. Theatrical art is an continuous intense process that you cannot touch, although touches you, you cannot see it each time you want, but it aims you. The theatrical art created by Gianina Cărbunariu and her team (a different team with each show I’ve seen) does not make me feel awkward, does not underestimate my inteligence and sensitivity. It makes me feel important for being a part of the process, although I am not directly involved into it, as the other members of the team, of course.

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