Love as a battlefield or a secret recipe. Raw thoughts.

At handling weapons men are experts, but what about handling love?
This is one of the first perspectives I got after the first official open rehearsal of The chocolate -cream soldier (The arms and the man) by George Bernard Shaw, directed by Andrei Șerban at Odeon Theater in Bucharest. And after leaving the theater hall I got tons of playful thoughts that reminded me of my childhood/young days when I thought love will save the world. To this day, I still believe that and although I am a chocolate addict as well as a theater addict, I am fiercely convinced that in love you have to cook and eat at least one main dish in order to enjoy the desert.
If there is something that I stick to in my theater diet is the unspoken promise I made to myself concerning my stubborn dedication toward this ever surprising changing art – I will not be dedicated to anything that feels like a lie to me and has nothing to do with the truth of the most deepest and genuine emotions. In theater, more than in other performing arts, I need to be moved and I am not a theaterholic that falls for theatrical games.  Lies cannot trick me, even if they are artistic. Outside life is full of lies that claim to be the truth, but they are not my truth, so I hide into the theater house in order to get reminded of simplicity, profoundness, the many sides of truth and how love can be divided into many characters. A great theater show to me is an unwritten letter of love by the director and cast to the members of the audience. I am deeply committed to finding out more about myself and my daily existence through theater, because it gives me alternatives to approach themes and situations I come accross in my daily life too. Theater teaches me to relate to life in many different ways, to be open-minded and open-hearted more than I ever knew before.
In a world where terror attacks happen daily, I just tuned in to CNN and another news just broke of a new attack, theater tells us about love as the most powerful weapon in the world. Love is both a deadly weapon, but if used properly, it can actually save lives.
When I was a child my great grandpa fought in the war and my grandma used to tell me stories about him. She did not make him a hero out of being a veteran, but she added that to his main features that made him the man of the family. There was this myth of the white night coming on a horse to save him lady. What a delusional fairytale, some may say… Do you still believe in fairies and wizards? No, but I believe in the magic power of theater that makes dreams become reality in an instant.
I think people take themselves too seriously nowadays and are afraid to look further than their own realities. By stepping out of your comfort zone you can allow yourself to experience something new who may turn out good to you.
Did you ever dream of being rescued from this world? Did you ever try to rescue someone from the world that tried to hurt him or her and then create your whole new fairytale together? Well, love seems to be encountering many obstacles in a household where every individual has its own personal view upon love, war and living. There is a war going on in the house of the noble family and the arms of love are charged and ready to be used. It is up to the warrior to learn how to use them on the battlefield of love, where wealth and political power really play an important role within a marriage proposal or a cheating affair.
This is one of the first ideas I got after the first official open rehearsal. There are many more to come. I am anxious for the other 5 shows. They are a gift and I hope director Andrei Șerban will give a short speech like an introduction to the dialogue between the show and the audience each night.

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