Jaroslaw Fret: In theater we are composing our life.

Within the 23nd edition of the International Theater Festival from Sibiu the audience could see a range of forgein theater shows. One of them came from Poland and it was entitled Armine, Sister and its originary place was Teatr Zar who was founded and managed by Jaroslaw Fret, who together with professor George Banu held a conference sharing his ideas upon theater as medium of communication and energy transfer during a short performance.

Jaroslaw Fret: In culture it is not about: Give me money, it is Give me a hand, keep my hand, because we need to colaborate for ten years. We have to start now, we don’t wait.
The sentece of the Theater Olympics is a quote from Grotowski – Word as a place of truth. Professor Banu knows very well that Grotowski never wrote a text, he was a speaker.
George Banu: He never wrote a text, but when I was with him he had a lot of notes, completely chaotical. He never prepared a written text, but in his mind he had all the ideas.

Jaroslaw Fret: Word is a place of truth, because word is a place of testing us, judging us in truth. We are coming here to pass the place of truth like a test. I proposed his quote as a sentence for the Theater Olympics, in order to determine the idea that theater is already a place of truth. The reality has problems with the truth, but theater does not. I do not say that truth is a concept, that the only answer through the truth we can give through concepts – truth constructions, truth compositions of whom? Of ourselves. In theater we are composong our life. I do believe that theater is a condensed life, it is not a decomposed life. I one hour or in 50 minutes, Grotowski’s perfomances were no longer than that, in front of your eyes, ears and skin, you see a condensed life. We have to remember that the membrana of the skin is one of the major receiver of theater.
I believe in the culture of theater, not the culture of performances. I believe in long lasting projects. I ask for my partners for faith in ideas and accomplished ideas.
Theater is a factor of culture without question. In Poland, culture meant theater in the 60s. Now, what is theater is our contemporary culture? It is only for small groups, because as a medium we present works for few people. Only here at the festival oour work is presented for 200 spectators. In our studio I present this work for 36 people. Why? Because this is how I build a medium. A medium is not just the comunication, but an intermediary between both people who meet during the performance. We prepared something, you are our guests.

Theater is a small medium, but it doesn’t mean that it is powerless, that it could be marginalised.

I only believe in questions, not in answers.

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