The Hollywood Vampires. After show thoughts

Just got back from The Hollywood Vampires concert and I am still in shock, a pleasant one,  because I did not expect to witness such an incredible show. I actually set my standards really high and promised myself that if I did not enjoy my time spent at the gig I will leave. But so glad I was proven wrong. 
The band sounded freaking awesome and I think you don’t have to be a rock lover to enjoy yourself at one of The Hollywood Vampire’s concerts. The music really raises the dead, as one of the song’s lyrics says and really helps boosts your energy level. I think I was dead before attending this concert, because my fan side faded away due to my job, as I have to be professional all the time and not to overreact in any situation. While I was sitting in the third row of the Diamond Circle there in that crowd cheering for the band, as I heard the young girls screaming Johnny Depp’s name, the lights announced the beginning of the show and then the electric instruments started playing, it felt like I was in rock Heaven. Everyone sounded so great! They really seemed to be enjoying to be together and play their instruments for us that they made a night to remember I hope in each of the present hearts, whether they were a rock music fan or not. Great music performed well really touches hearts and if the genre does not really match your taste, then you should appreciate the fact that for one hour and a half two Hollywood stars along with 3 widely known musicians invested their energy, passion and dedication for your to have a great evening along with their music.
I was really impressed by the all the band members. Since the Bon Jovi concert or the Scorpions, I did not see foreign rock band play live on stage and I must admit that The Hollywood Vampires surpassed all of my expectations. Of course I was a part of the crowd to see the actor, but how can you stand still when you see Alice Cooper (Poison is one of my all time favourite songs), taking the stage and singing so good at his age…He even said to us that he used to be part of a Hollywood drinking club and the only one left alive from there is him, so he founded this band in order to honor the memory of his long lost friends. Such a thoughtful initiative! I hope that this project gets the well deserved recognition, that they will tour the world all over again and that they will come back to Romania as they promised.

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