Zic Zac. The stage is not enough

When dance, music and theater are combined by artistic geniuses, then life explodes into a million of possibilities inside and outside, this unique show shines a light into the night of a gloomy city, that would rather suffer in silence instead of finding actual cures for its pain. Of course you are in pain when you see the concept of being an artist brought down by most of the media. If you want to see real honest artists who do more than their jobs, you should insert into your weekly schedule going to shows with artists like Andrea Gavriliu and Stefan Lupu.

 Right before Christmas day I had the wonderful opportunity to see one of my favourite shows – ZIC ZAC Andrea Gavriliu leaning on Stefan Lupu – which is a theater-dance show that takes the human encounter to another unexpected level. Eventhough it was my third time seeing the show, the thrills were higher as the astonishment of the actors’ performing on stage. Performing is a word too small for what Andrea and Stefan can do. The mix of emotions, energies and moves combined with a range of all time music, inspirational quotes and soulful own lines can really take you away into another world. And not necessarily to escape. Just to enjoy the beauty of art, dance and music. I am really glad that such wonderful artists got to chance to travel through Europe with their show Zic Zac. Catch up on their latests news on their facebook page.
As first admit is since the very beginning of my cultural journey through Bucharest, I am an art-aholic. I need art like air and to see art in motion, always fresh, always surprising, always fueling you with good stuff. I have no idea how artists like Andrea and Stefan give away so much on stage with every show and still have the strength to go on. Last year after the show someone from the audience asked me how many days of rest they need after this performance and I told that person that they actually have a new show in another city in just a few days. So, the physical effort is tremenduos. They don’t just dance on that tiny theater cafe stage, they even make a sort of acrobatics which I personally consider dangerous if they miss a step or something from the crops breaks… Chills! Chills! Chills! I am like a granny praying that nothing would go wrong, because I care so much about this show and the artists envolved in it. They are creators that risk everything so that everyone in the audience is satisfied. Are you willing to „risk” a night to go and see Zic Zac?


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