What are the things we really need to do?

What if each day we placed our right hand to the heart, feel it, then grab a positive vibration out of it and send it to someone you cared about? This is one of the wonderful things that Mr. Andrei Șerban taught us this evening. The second one was to turn to the one standing next to us to look that person in the eye and to wish him or her well. I was so happy to see a part of the Carousel cast doing this. All the positive nouns in the world cannot describe the uplifting joy and honor that I felt for being blessed to attend the conference held by stage director Andrei Șerban with just one day before the Christmas Eve. If you did not attend the open meeting tonight, NEMIRA Publishing House has some editorial goodies in store for you theater, opera and photographhy lovers – a full sized album containing photos by Mihaela Marin and thoughts written by Andrei Șerban himself.  

 Staying in the same room with such a great mastermind like Andrei Serban, whose shows from Bulandra Theater have become an addiction to me for a while now, is perhaps my spiritual reward for being such a devoted member of the audience. I wish I could give back something to the ones doing theater and making the play come alive on stage and into our hearts.  It is so hard to explain my particular affection and attachment towards certain theatrical creation, but what I can do tell for sure that some shows fuel my vital need to breathe a colorful air and it stirs my need to feel deep emotions. In theater feelings and emotions are limitless. Sometimes, theater shows are chunks of life that are born on stage and the difference between shows and real life is that in real life at the end of a scene there is no round of applause. In life you are sometimes praised for your wrongs and blamed for your rights. It is incredible and hurtful how backwards can this world function or better put – malfunction. What seems tragic to me, to you it may seem utterly funny, so we may disagree to pleasure and pain. But can we come together in understanding a need to fill an hole inside our soul. That hole can be filled by theater with its immesurable powers. I am fascinated by this art of someone working with the invisible and at the same time showing so much. Everyone matters in a show directed by Andrei Șerban and this feeling of importance can be noticed. Even the spectator feels important for being there. I actually pass through a rainbow of states while sitting in that chair from the audience and ultimately feeling blessed for choosing to embellish my evening with a theater show directed by Andrei Șerban at the Bulandra Theater in Bucharest. Feel no limits. Invest in your leisure time. Go to theater.

Here are a few moments caught by Vivi, my video camera, which was the only object with a name not moved at all by the presence of Andrei Șerban at the Humanitas Bookshop, which is good, because if Vivi moved, there wouldn t have been any video for us to enjoy:

A few quotes by Andrei Șerban that got stuck to my heart after attending the conference.

Quietness to some means disquietude and to some means relief. 

Through song you can uncover a flow of vitality, to set free something that is still stuck inside and does not let the melody to run smoothly, to have continuity like fluent stream of a river. The life of the song is born spontaneously. How do you engage into the lively steam of sounds and at the same time to not lose contact with your inner vibration?

It is really easy for all of us to say that there is nothing left to do, but this is almost true, not entirely true. As wiser voices whisper to us – in any moment, no matter how critical the situation is, you still do something about it.

As for theater, Peter Brook stated more clearly than anyone – What it can be done is to not let this antique and fragile art to be wiped off the world s map and replaced by one of the so familiar symbol of our era, the supermarket.

When everything in society is fractured, fragmented, at the same time in theater a group of people can work together.

Through theater you can create something, to live differently, to sense differently and to send the audience food for thought, which both them and us need it .  


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