Who took the truth away from you? Typographic Capital Letters – after show thoughts

I think it’s the most painful crime to not be able to speak your mind out loud for the world to see. And it is hurtful that people who used to share your opinions to not admit this when they have to face the consequences. Moreover, they even make you feel guilty for telling the truth about society. It seems like the pressure to keep silent about real problems like not being able to get food and censorship was stronger than the power of people to actually fight it. It is an actual issue that we people are maybe to small to confront.

My thoughts after seeing Gianina’s Cărbunariu theater show Typographic Capital Letters, whose team does an incredible job in delivering the powerful message taken from a real lifetime story, my thoughts are actually a lot of contradictory questions.
First of all I felt very happy and proud that in the theater hall I spotted some of the Romanian theater stars and that next to me there stood a group of foreigner who were very into the play, as they cheered and cheered. So, last night’s show was a succes! But the crew’s work goes beyond that. I have been looking for something like this for a long time. I am so glad Romania has a creator as Gianina Carbunariu that does not make art for the sake of making it but for the deep and complex reason of presenting the painful reality some of us live in and many of us choose to look away from it as if they were accomplices to a terrible murder. By turning away from your neighbour, your friend and your son you commit a great crime against humanity. This is what highschool student Mugur Calinescu went through for speaking his mind and spreading chalk written messages about freedom in his hometown. Unfortunately this kind of social opression still exists today and will not go away as long as people would rather cover the misdeeds rather than pointing them out. I am not appalled at all of what happened to this poor little boy as I myself went various times under the analysis of others for speaking my point of view regarding a situation. And I am sure that many of the ones reading this were made to feel guilty at least once in their lives for telling the truth. I sickened by this kind of behaviour and I hope that theater shows like these created by Gianina Cărbunariu will help us see a way or many ways of not getting stuck in what seems to be an endpoint situation, which is absurd and illogical actually.

After exiting the theater hall I wondered how high is the percentage of lies compated the truths from the life we live in. As a certified translator, I have learnt that there are two worlds  of  a literary work – the original, as written by the writer,  and the translation, which  is supossed to be a bridge between two cultures, lifestyles, menthalities, to preserve the truth outlined by the author as much as possible. So the reader gets the partial truth, an interpretation of the original. This is what happens in real life also. An wrongful interpretation of truth led to the incurable pain in the heart of an innocent human being. Why wasn’t he saved? Because people around him were too eager to condemn him so that they could get away easily. It’s mind blowing, but it actually occurs nowadays and people get rich from emotionally abusing people everyday. The emotional abuse is much heavier to take in than the physical abuse as the emotional abuse does not go away until you do.

I deeply appreciate the work done by director Gianina Cărbunariu and actors  Cătălina Mustaţă,  Alexandru Potocean, Gabriel Răuță, Mihai Smarandache, Silvian Vâlcu along with the technical crew at the Odeon Theater. I hope as many people around the world see this show and get new feelings and ideas about the world we live in and maybe, they get the courage to change something bad in the environment they are part of.



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