Christina Aguilera: This business makes you and breaks you, but you got to stay strong for what really matters

Christina Aguilera celebrates 35 years on Earth today and 20 years on stage and 15 years since I have been a fan of her music. Meanwhile, she has become a mother of two, she won 5 Grammy, she is a coach on the TV hitshow The Voice and she is involved in a lot of humanitarian work, about which she talked about in this recent interview with Andew Freud. This is the transcript I made with a lot of joy and respect for her and her work. No copyright infringement intended, You can watch it all on Youtube. I also inserted one of the songs that I love most from her albums. It’s called Stronger than ever and it really has a deep message whitin the lyrics which I think everyone can get inspired from in their daily lives. 

Andrew Freund: Can you just do you without having to live up to what the public wants you to be?
Christina Aguilera: I think through the years I found a very good balance of it. It takes time. I’ve been in this business my whole life, I’ve literally been singing on a stage and making somewhat of a living since I was seven. I should probably be retired by that.
A.F.: Are you tired?
C. A.: It get tireing, but that’ s when you take on new things like yoga. And it’s things like singing for a cause that do make you feel good also about using your voice and what make you keep going.
A.F.: Knowing what you know now, what would you tell me that Mickey Mouse little girl.
C.A.: It’s a almost like a what if and could if situation, but it’s something that you just have to go through it. This is what I point out in mentoring my team from The Voice. The young talents that come on they just want to be the best of the best right now, they just want to cut to the hit songs, the writing. Sometimes it just takes time to learn who you are. You experience the good with the bad and especially the bad sometimes to make the good that makes the hits that makes the inspirational songs to people. Your tough times leads to the gold in real life and the gold sometimes in others. To me, it goes beyond money or career or success. I’ve accomplished a lot already. It’s the things that I enjoy, my passion for music, my children and causes like these that keep me going really. The business can make you or break you .

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