Could your life be for sale next? After show thoughts

An extraordinary piece of theatrical work I have witnessed tonight at the Odeon Theater in Bucharest. So grateful of having been able to be part of the audience. All the cast was great, the stage direction, the lights, the music, the scenography! The creator of this show did an outstanding job! At the end of the show, I realized how powerless are most of the people and how their simple meaningless lives can be stolen away from them and how one ordinary day can turn into a hell broke loose. Apart from the social-politican concern, it arose some personal concerns of my own. What if one day someone who has done no work but with more money and more connections that you, comes and deprives you of everything, because he can do it, he was enabled to do it. How would you stand against this injustice? Think now and don’t say it can never occur to you, because neither the villagers ever thought they could be fighting with the authorities against bombing their land… We are more similar than we think we are… This is the cruel and harsh reality we live in, without us having much to do with it, actually…

On Sale by Gianina Cărbunariu moved me in a different kind of way than any of the hundreds of shows I have seen in my life, because of the story, which was taken from a reality, too faraway and yet too close. Regardless of the enviroment either you own or it was give to you, each human should have the right to lead a decent life according to his or her own needs and possibilities. It is striking and appalling that the hunger for money and power can actually steal the ordinary lives of people that work in order to support their families. It brought tears of anger into my eyes seeing that a greedy company can actually intrude into the lives of simple people and to bomb it without mercy without even taking into account the damage that they have caused. With great regret and remorse, I noticed that the preoccupation for causing pain and discomfort nowadays is much more present that the concern of doing good in the world. Does your own good do wrong to others?

At the countryside, life is quiet and peaceful, until the hunger for money and power steps in. And in order that this dreadful need is fulfilled, the gold diggers hurt and imprison people who are defenceless, with nothing and no one to stand for themselves. Why is this necessary? Why does mankind harm mankind for rapacious interests? For thousands of years animals (those inferior creatures with no brains) have existed one species together with all the other ones and have not extincted one another. If the animals do not destroy the environment they live in nor their own breed or the other species, then why does mankind destroy mankind? Not to mention the irredeemable damage done to Mother Nature, who forgive us every day, but who cannot recover on her own if further damage continues to be made on her resources. Mankind can be such a criminal sometimes, when mankind does not realize that murder spreads throught the world and it does not make any life better. They say anyone has a price. Does human life has a price?

As I did my brief research I found out that the theater show created by young Romanian rising director and playwright Gianina Cărbunariu, has received many awards since its premiere in 2014, but I think that the greatest reward for the entire’s crew hard work lays in the presence of the audience in the studio hall. As the actors have this great energy to perform and creat each show for us, on the other side, us, too, the spectators need to be elated about their flesh & bone shivering work and perhaps to promote it enthusiastically to the ones who did not see it. Go to theater and nourish your soul! Each time is a different story, each time is more powerful than the other one, each time it drives you near things that matter. Feelings matter.

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