Paganini, few after show thoughts

Did you ever wonder why after a theater show everyone asks you what was it about and no one asks you what was it like? how did it feel? did it move you? did it inspire you? did it terrify you? In my humble view, theater is about feelings and emotions, chills and thrills, worlds of ways of telling a story that reaches all types of crowds. Did you ever hated a theater show just because it felt so real that you could not take it? This is theater, in my heart – an invisible force that arises on stage and that throws rays of light into each spectator embracing him gently or brutally. The truth can be gentle and brutal at the same time. Theater is truth, harshness and authenticity… It is everything that you cannot see with your eyes, but you can feel crawling under your skin. You cannot go on living without theater for the simple reason because you need it, you long for it. This is in my opinion the shortened definition of a theaterholic. 

One one warm winter afternoon as I sat in my spectator chair I began to feel something that I never felt before at a theater show – frightened by what I saw on stage. I totally forgot that there were playing characters and I actually believed their story until the end. It was like a whirlwind of emotions pumped by each live, move and scene, that you feel dazed and confused at the dropping of the curtain. And you begin to wonder – Did that actually happen on stage? Did I really took part in that? So, wow it is not the right exclamation to use… An amazement cannot be explained, but perhaps I should give you some hints regarding my motivation to come and see this show. Biographical theater pieces are a subject that caught my attention ever since last year after seeing two shows from the U.K. that were included in the Bucharest International Theater Platform.

Although it may not seem that interesting at first, actually real life and real drama can be spectatular put on stage in front of hundreds of viewers. The comedy within a tragic situation between one or many characters can be a delight and it can also help us confront some issues. I don’t know much about the UK theater goers (unfortunately), but in Romanian, especially in Bucharest, some people go to the theater like they enter a theraphy session. As said John Wilmot, The Earl of Rochester – Theater is my drug and my illness is so far advanced that my psyhic must be at its highest quality.

So, these are my raw thoughts that came to accompany my in-between theaters route today. The show is called by Paganini, it is directed by Mick Davis, it is two hours longs and you will see some great Romanian actors performing on stage and making a lifetime story come alive right in front of the staring eyes of the audience. I deeply appreciate the amount of work that was invested into this theaterical project by the whole team led by Mick Davis and I hope that the show will attract as many viewers as possible at the Metropolis Theater in Bucharest.

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