Why is Bucharest special?

Advertising Week Bucharest has begun and I am very glad that  I got the opportunity to attend the first conference whose topic was start-up companies. On this occasion I got to meet Anita who founded Interesting Times – an NGO who is in charge with making a city break in Bucharest an unforgettable experience. They offer 13 tours around the city, each with a different theme, you can check them out here.

The most special thing about the tour is that the groups are no larger than 6 persons so that actual conversation do take place around the theme of the tour. So what about Bucharest? As I have a history of going in international English camps ever since I was a kid, I actually noticed that foreigners have a peculiar fascination about Romania, which I could not quite understand at that age. The British and the American who came to be English teachers during the 3 weeks camps in Romania seemed more than willing to know more about our culture than we seemed to do. So, I felt their enthusiasm and I began to understand it when I started to travel abroad myself. It was an experience. And about living the Bucharest experience is the programme initiated by Interesting Times.

The human perceptions and reactions to different things can be spicy and entertaining as you never know what to expect. To us, Romanians, what may seem normal and perhaps boring, as it is part of our daily lives, to foreigners may seem a gasp of fresh air, a new taste of food, a new architectural view, a new street view, a new way of life…a life of a few hours as longs as the tour lasts.

So, dear foreigner, walk in my shoes by booking your Bucharest tour at Interesting Times.

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