Can art show us the way?

 Sometimes you need an apparently impossible thing as a proposed project in order to find out in short time that it was a good thing. (Corina Șuteu)

One November Sunday, while the sun was leaving the sky with a battle of colors in different hues and shades, I was really happy to make it in time at the event destined to the Venice Biennale that took place the Humanitas Bookshoop near the Cismigiu Park. It is great to hear professionals who are directly involved in the relationship between the artists and the institutions, the artists and the audience. Without those professionals that are in charge of making an exhibition happen, the cultural dialogue between the art work and its audience would not run that smoothly or maybe it wouldn’t have happened at all. For years I have been treasuring those who work for the proper communication between art, event, institution, press and audience. Without their magic means of making things happen both for the artists and the audience, the world would might have missed out on great things like art pieces. So, their hard work we should cherish as it is as important and vital to the functioning of the current art scene.

Corina Șuteu: I work with artists from various fields and I realized that those who have a creative process which is both harrowing and strong, and that is why they succeed in expressing themselves through their art, are those who reposition themselves continously towards their own story. They never remain stuck in an answer that they had given a few years ago. They succeed in always adapting to the new story that they’re telling. They are very aware of the changes that occur. They pay a huge amount of attention to change.
Diana Marincu: The part of the curatorial work which is the most important and that I like the most is working directly with the artists, working on the concept, brainstorming. You may also see a part of the working process in this small guide of the exhibition entitled Inventing the truth.
Mihai Pop: I believe that the Venice Biennale is a context of modernity and that it is very important for the fact that it stands for the modernity’s virtues. It is not just a simple art exhibition. You are mistaken if you think that. It is the place in which there can be brought out important topics of the modern world. I would have never proposed the exhibition of Adrian Ghenie without this type of content. Beyond the fact that Adrian Ghenie does art works, the exhibition is called Darwin’s room because it is a sort of metaphor.
Lidia Bodea, general manager of Humanitas Publishing House addressed a touching speech to the audience: I know that each of us these days has been wondering for a few days now, what is the use of books, music, art books and biennales. I am here to tell that they are useful and beyond my gratitude for you all atteding this event, I ask you to not change the way you are and to not change your life either.

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