Jump into the Carousel, theater will offer you the ride of your life.

On Sunday, October, the 18th, I had the unique occasion take a ride on the other side of dreams, fears, laughter and trouble, thanks to the theatrical masterpiece Carousel, which keeps spinning in my mind ever since last summer. I love how the C and L (who are also the letters of the word control) are hanging from the word Carousel so it can be read arouse 😀 It certaintly arouses your senses and makes you lose control for almost two hours, while you sit hypnotized in your spectator chair by what you see, hear and feel around you.

If you were to ask me what the play is about, I would say that it is about the strength of living under harsh conditions and the capacity of moving on, when there is no one to turn to, I would say that it is about a woman named Iulia, who is very much of a superwoman, whose capacity of love and endurance surpassed every pain and obstacle she had ever encountered on her road of keeping the family together, away from quarrels and small talk. After assisting at 6 show nights I’ve reached the conclusion that it may be interpreted as an homage brought to the never-ending love of a woman, who endures it all from her man and does not replace him under no circumstances. Her love transfers to their only child. It seems to be the typical peasant’s paiting in blood and bones. I never said I enjoyed the plot of the play, because it felt so real and close to the reality I even witnessed a few weeks ago on the street, that being powerless in front of aggressiveness is something I cannot cope with.
But the theater show is not about that, as I perceived it in my 6 attendings. I am fascinated by the kind of love Romanian theater director Andrei Serban shows to people through his work. His has an incredible ability to bring out the best in people and this can be noticed both at his collaborators and at his audience. One of the reasons why I like seeing many times the same theater show is that I’m interested in the audience’s reactions, how they respond to what is happening in the show, if they connect to its energy, in what ways they do that? Through lights, through colors, through songs, through costumes, through dance moments, the director ensured that the audience’s senses could be reached from all perspectives. The show is grand production, you shall see.
By staging the Carousel one big Romanian prejudice was broken – that audience will only come to names that they already know or at least heard about. Due to the lack of directors and consequently, the lack of stage productions, the young generation of actors is facing a crisis, and if they do not act, then audiences cannot know who they are, and therefore, their talent will not get the recognition they need in order to work more. This crisis was surpassed by the choice of Mr. Andrei Serban of casting young actors to play not one but even three parts. You will be delighted to see how charming they can be, even from your first step into the playhouse, which transformed into a carousel of song, dance and magic. You want to take a ride on the merry-go-round to the Promised Land and never look back to what you leave behind.
The story of a crimson love wrapped up in the stinging chain of inner struggles and constant temptations faced by mankind, which is for sure a timeless frame that can travel from generation to generation. The play Liliom is 106 years old and its subject transcended time.
The audience that has filled each of the seats during the summer open rehearsals and now at the shows from mid-October, is a mere sign that a high quality production can reinstall theater on the going out calendar of each Bucharest resident, who loves theater. You must love theater in order to be able to go to a show, otherwise you will just find excuses of not going. Caution! You may actually fall in love with theater due to this show. Or you can hate it forever, but you will still remember it as some energy that has pulled you out of your comfort zone. By this show, it was proven that creativity accompanied by hard work can draw the attention of the crowds to come and see their work, which captures you with its magic until the very start and the show never ends in your head. But you miss it and you want to go round and round again into the Carousel. No show dates scheduled so far on the Bulandra Theater website, but keep checking.

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