9 theater nights. Day 1 – The Bach Files

Autumn has come and theaters in Bucharest are ready to welcome their audiences at their shows. With a lot of enthusiasm in my heart and prepared to be surprised I headed to Bulandra Theater to watch the opening of a new show entitled The Bach Files directed by Alexandru Darie. The show is complex, the team is great, it has a lot of special effects and it makes you happy.

Are you aware of the importance of a show to make you feel good about life in general? What really amazed me in this grandiose show was the music, which was composed by Adrian Enescu and perfomed live by the Zoli Toth Project. That wonderful music was to me an invisible powerful character of the theater show that gave me the impression of being part of a detective investigation. When mixed with music, detective investigations become thrilling fairytales with so many mysteries to solve that you need to come again at the show in order to go through all The Bach Files.

„While in another scenery, music unfolds the image differently, it makes the space around you look differently. Music always helps you see things from another perspective. Music opens horizons. This is the beauty of music – it can have power, vibration. It can have the same energy regardless of the genre, this is where its loveliness lies.” (Adrian Enescu)

We shall start with a simple perspective for now. I made a research about the renown Romanian composer and I found a video interview with him done by Valentin Panduru at Radio France Internacional.
„Why did I reach out to Bach? Bach to me is an extraordinary character in the way that he made fusion music for all his life. The entire musical creation of Bach is based on fusion. He was the right man at the right time and place. He could reach this mathematical and compositional solution at least 200 years old. Bach wrote many themes with variations on composers from Italy, from France, from Germany, from the Netherlands, countries that made a statement in the history of universal music. If in that period someone had invented the electronical instrument, Bach would have wrote for it.” Mr. Adrian Enescu said.

The Bach Files made me fall in love more deeply and hardly with theater and music, who have been my two close friends since I can remember. When music and theater come together along with a great team of artists then in front your eyes, the privileged audience, it arises a great artistic present meant for your heart and mind to receive. The theater audience is a privileged one because at one time at a certain place they can meet with the splendour of combined mastered creative energies of real time art. Just then, just there, in the theater you can be rewarded for your effort of coming to see a show.  You cannot actually see the present, you cannot touch it, but you can feel it body and soul.  Are you prepared ?

The Bach Files – reacțiile publiculuiFelicitări tuturor celor care au lucrat trup și suflet la acest spectacol! Posted by Judy Woody

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