Amy, after the movie, mixed thoughts, but stronger feelings



29 February edit – Amy just own the Oscar for the best documentary. 

So, I just watched Amy the movie last night and I left the cinema room with contradictory emotions, while my perception about my all time favourite artist has remained unchanged. She was in pain for all her life. She was not aware of her huge inborn talent, that would never leave her even in her poorest state of health. Her talent was for sure a struck of genius and this opinion get stronger with each time I watch one of her live concerts. For years and years her talent managed to take me somewhere new, into a world created by her lyrics and sound. It takes strength to do that while you are in pain.

As I understood from the documentary, Amy’s pain came from the split of her parents when she was just 9 years old and from then on she started to do horrible things to herself, which led to her bitter finale. We can hear in the movie voicemails she left to her colaborators and her friends and she told each of them – Eventhough you are not picking up my calls, I still love you unconditionally. I think it takes an incredible amount of strength to tell I love you to someone who does not talk to you anymore.
It also takes strength  and wisdom to write about the things that hurt you and put them into music, especially when you are under 20 years old. Tony Bennett said about her that she had one of the greatest jazz voices he had ever heard, and he is over 80 years old, which means that his statement can become a historical one.

„My greatest fear is dying without anyone knowing the contribution I made to music.” (Amy Winehouse)

I can tell you one thing – anybody can do drugs and alcohol, but not anyone can write songs, perfom and be the most sold British artist of the XXI century. Not anyone can deal with pain the way Amy did. She had so much to offer and she took so much in that her world turned into a roller-coaster of leaches that sucked out all the life from her. Everyone is responsible for their own deeds, so before throwing the blame aside, we might as well understand the causes of the situation. The cause for her pain I think it was this tremenduous love she had no one to offer to. Instead everyone had to gain out of her work, even now when she is no longer here.
Now, the movie it is a piece of information for anyone who knows what a great artist Amy Winehouse was, is and will remain over the years.

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