Jazzulescu inspired by London

You can do literally anything and almost everything on this world, but if you do not have the people to do it with and for, there is no point in doing anything at all. This is what I learnt from the event I did at the Humanitas Bookshop from Kretzulescu in order to celebrate the 32nd birth anniversary of Amy Winehouse who was originary from London and along with her songs we went on a journey to discover some other tales from the city. Our story guide was young Romanian actor who is no stranger to London and Hollywood actually, Ionuț Grama. I would like to thank everyone that came to join us, that took pictures of our event and that at the end were so kind enough to come to us and talk a bit.

So, let us recall what happened on the evening 14th September 2015. With pictures, songs and six books who had their narratives happening in London, we packed our bags in our minds and embarked on an imaginary trip to London through music, voice, image and words. The most unexpected guests were  two pigeons who seemed to enjoy to join us in our journey. They could have travelled anywhere with their silvery wings but they chose to stay with us and watch us from the ceiling.

Back to Amy: On the 14th of September 1983 Amy Winehouse the most popular British singer of the XXI century was born and I really wanted to do an event in her loving memory as her songs have been my close friends for years and years now. Her songs are so special, as she invented her own musical genre – a cross between hip-hop and jazz, she wrote all the songs on the guitar, and she had no desire of showing off with her songwriting capacities. Perhaps, Amy Winehouse was one of the most modest musicians our contemporary show-business world has known. In an era where people become famous for what they eat for breakfast or for whom they date, Amy Winehouse managed to stay in the limelight through her work, although her body has left us on the 23rd of July 2011. But her music will never leave us, as music is stronger than life and time, so we might as well celebrate her huge talent and legacy.

As each day passes by, I am more and more impressed by the people whom I had this tremenduous oppportunity to work with for this event. I am blessed to have had such wonderful people to work with and I hope that at least once in our lifetimes we will have the opportunities to work again together.

Incredible things happen if you work hard enough. I  was really delighted and deeply honored to have had the lovely occasion of doing an event at Humanitas Bookshop’s terace from Kretzulescu. The Humanitas bookshops are a sort of holy places for culture lovers of all ages and I was so happy to attend, to shoot and to write about the book launches with respected Romanian personalities. Foreign cultural figures often attent the Humanitas Publishing House events.

Charmed by professionalism

I don’t care if I make a fool of myself, but I  really enjoy  telling kind words to all the people I like working with. I really do believe that kindness thorugh words plays an important role in our tiny existences and this is why I like to tell people how great they are with every chance I get. To shower people with compliments as they highly deserve should perhaps be a pleasure for anyone. Why not tell good things to a good person you did good work with? We should not be ashamed to express our feelings, especially if they are positive ones. You are never wrong if you do good.

Actor Ionut Grama is by far one of the most postive persons I have ever met. Each time I interview him or come to his theater shows he has this big shinning smile upon his face which is absolutely stunning. His all time positive attitude  actually inspired me to understand the importance of being happy while with people around. Now just listen to his voice pure and whimsical at the same time, with no character attached, showing a lot of talent and enchantment  beyond the words from the text, and tell me if you wouldn’t like him to tell you a story each and every night.

Verbs describe us

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  1. Great evening in honour of Amy Winehouse and Humanitas books lecture as ending underego .Really deep voice listen Ionut Grama that melt conventions and break the silence with simply…… talent.Continue to be misfits and rebels and I’ll love you!

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