New book out: James Joyce Three Stories From Dubliners Parallel Texts


11930825_833859746713221_7232766695855404806_oAt the beginning of a new academic year, Contemporary Literature Press is publishing three stories from James Joyce’s Dubliners in bilingual version, hoping to open thus a way for readers towards the entire book.
The stories have been translated by Violeta Baroană, former student of the MA Programme for the Translation of the Contmeporary Literary Text, PR Manager and also editor of our publishing house. Lidia Vianu

James Joyce, Three Stories From Dubliners, Parallel Texts, Translated into Romanian by Violeta Baroană, edited by Lidia Vianu, is formally launched on Monday 14 September 2015. The book is available for consultation and downloading on receipt of this Press Release, at the following internet address:

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One thought on “New book out: James Joyce Three Stories From Dubliners Parallel Texts

  1. Amazing publish in bilingual version that can be downloaded in pdf format !
    I recognize ,I’ve never read a James Joyce book but I remember (from my far away youth)that in the second year to the University the physics teacher tell us very proud : when the elementary particles was discovered the physicist called it „quark” in honor of J.Joyce and it’s famous words:Three quarks for Muster Mark.Thanks for link Judy!

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