Oana Maria Cajal: Art can save us


I had the once in a lifetime miraculous opportunity to attend the opening of the exhibiton Just imagine by Oana Maria Cajal, whose artwork can be seen daily until the 3rd of October at Senso Gallery,  situated on Bd. Unirii no. 15, Bucharest, Romania. 

Art has surely saved me since I have been obssessed by it ever since I can remember. Art can mend us. Art never lets us down, because it has too many way to lift us and keep us safe from harm. We do harm ourselves more often than we can even realize it by the poor choices we make in the short period of time we have here on Earth. So, why not make great choices that should nourish our souls?  Art is such a generous unpredictable spirit that can fill even the most bizzare and unimaginable needs. Surround yourself with art works and you will never feel sick a day in your life.  Art is a medicine for your soul.

My heart  burst out with joy when I saw Mr. Radu Beligan walking inside the gallery.  As Mrs. Oana Maria Cajal said, he is a ray of hope, love and strength for all of us. She dedicated the opening of the exhibition to him and her mother, the King of Theater and the Queen of the  Balchik, as they called eachother at their first encounter. There were too many thrills on that lovely September evening, to put them into words here and actually make sense. My words are simply too small for the greatness of those moments! This is why I invite you to watch the mini-video.

Oana Maria Cajal, playwright and artist: „My message is a very simple one – art can save us. Art. Love. Empathy. Eventhough we live underneath the dark light light, in its shade life shines into amazing colors. Live each moment of your life. This moment is your life. I dedicate this exhibiton to my grandparents!”
„When I was nine, I had my first exhibition. It took place in the summer garden of my grandparents at Râmnicu Sărat, Buzău. I hung the pictures on the clothesline. My Grandpa was very ceremonious at the „opening”, he looked attentively at each painting and, at the end, he even bought a few of them. „It is very important for artists to be encouraged also financially,” he said then.” (Oana Maria Cajal, excerpt taken from an interview from Cotidianul online newspaper)

Amongst the Romanian personalities that attended the opening of Just Imagine, I was really excited to notice Mrs. Sanda Manu, theater director and University teacher, Irina Margareta Nistor, film critic, Radu Boroianu, manager of the Romanian Cultural Institute.

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