Hilary Swank: Live your life as much as possible.

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Today is the 41th birthday of actress Hilary Swank who just smashed my head and broke my heart by producing and starring in the life-changing movie You’re not you. You may think the movie it is about the ALS disease, but it is not just that – it is about becoming powerless day by day and through losing your physical strength you actually help the others around you become stronger. The story of the movie, how the characters were approached and portrayed will teach you more things about yourself and the world than you can imagine in many diverse aspects. Although I am fanatic about theater shows and playhouse where real emotions do happen in front of you, this movie managed to break the screen and send so live tingling to the statue I become while watching a film. So, today Mrs. Hilary Swank you are celebrated for the wonderful human being that you are through this piece of film art! 

Andrew Freund: When did you decide to live everyhting as if it was your last day?
Hilary Swank: It’s a good question. Quite often. I think that living in the world that we have today. I was in New York when 9/11 happened and I was quite young and I was thinking – At any moment our lives could be over. As you get older you’ve got friends who get diagnosed with terminal illnesses, parents get sick and every step of the way you say: Right, I’m happy, anything could happen in the next second, in the next day and you have to live your life as much as possible the way you want your life to be, not for anyone else, but for you.

„I did not know much about ALS. It is something that needs a bight light shone upon it.
I don’t read any reviews I want to go and watch the movie. Same with books.” (Hilary Swank)

Amirose Eisenbach: There was a lot of sadness and pain involved, but you showed that in times of really intense moments of our lives that truth and beauty can also be shown.
Emmy Rossum: Hilary found the book and she was the one who decided to produce it and to adapt it as a script. I fell in love with the script. It is about these two women who stumble into each other into these very difficult times in their lives. Hilary’s character has been just diagnosed with ALS and my character is just a complete mess. They kind of find each other and in a sense they cure each other of the ways in which they led their lives previously to meeting.
I was completely blown away by your ability to transform into your character. How do you approach a role like that?
Hilary Swank: With a film like this, obviously is fictional, yet it’s paralleling during my reearch and sitting with a handful of ALS patients. They shared with me intimate details of what it was like to be diagnosed and to be living with this emotionally and psysically, it became very personal. They shared their actual stories, so because of that it adds a different responsibility to the fictional story, it becomes a real story for all the people that I met and that I haven’t met who were suffering from this disease. I understood when you cannot hold your body anymore and how that it affects you emotionally and what those challenges are.

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