Jonathan Rhys Meyers: I don’t believe you can do anything unless you have some passion for it.

Fullscreen capture 27072015 092426-004When music and acting blend together equals a wonderful talented actor that has the audience may enjoy watching and hearing in the movies. I thought there were no more singing male actors, that we see only manufactured faces in the movies with more plastic surgery than talent. It is good that I was wrong in these certain matters. For the young generation, there are real talents for us to spot on the big screens and also on TV, and it is good that we have real people to relate to and turn to in times of made up stories just for the sake of being famous without actually doing anything. Talent conquers all! Glad to say that.

„There is something abstract and organic about being a rockstar. There is more freedom. Being an actor it means being more disciplined. But I want to be an actor more than I want to be a rockstar.” (Jonathan Rhys Meyers)

Today we celebrate lovely Irish actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers, who turns 38. In his career so far, he did 41 movies and 3 tv series. I saw him in many films, but I absolutely loved him playing Elvis,  for which he won the  Best Performance Award by an Actor in a Mini-Series or a Motion Picture Made for Television at the Golden Globes and Satellite Award for Best Actor – Miniseries or Television Film in 2008. I also liked his work in Matchpoint, for which he won the Outstanding Newcomer Award at the Cannes Film Festival, France, in 2005. Also I saw him starring along Juliane Moore in the horror movie 6 souls. My personal favourite screen performances was his part in the outstanding  movie like a fairytale of life through music, August Rush.

I really enhoyed doing the transcript of the interview Jonathan did with Jonathan Ross.

How do you Dracula differently from generations who have seen it so many times?
Jonathan Rhys MeyersWell, you’re apprehensive ‘cause so many people have done it before so it is very hard to make it your own. You know what I mean. But of course, I’m going to do it slightly different than everybody else. TV is big today because techonology has evolved. We don’t have televisions we have home cinemas. So you have to put the production value, you have to put the scripts in, you ave to put the money, for people to like it.
I hope you are not going to do any of that Twilight sexy stuff.
Jonathan Rhys MeyersNo, we weren’t kind of going for that. We thought of vampires more from the suffering point of view. What would somebody had to live for 400 years and not die, not fall in love, what would he go through. It’s like tryptic characters. The Dracula is really a monster. That’s the addiction. He is addicted to blood.
Do you like the neck biting scenes as an actor?
Jonathan Rhys MeyersI made point in saying to them: not to much neck biting, not to much of the teeth, you can’t speak with them. It was like I am Dracula, Im going to bite you’re neck if I need blood, see?
You had a period when you were a little bit wild.
Jonathan Rhys MeyersI was pretty wild, yeah.
But you got through that and now you seem to appreciate much more were you are because of that, do you?
Jonathan Rhys MeyersYeah, of course you do. When you are on the front of newspapers for stupidity getting drunk in airports and fighting with cups, you wake up the next day, of course you can hardily remember it. When you are passed, your responsability gets diminished, however your accountability does not. As you’ve grown older and you kind of seen stupid things you’ve done when you’ve been younger, it’s not the consequences pressing to yourself, but your family gets hurt, your friends get hurt, your girlfriends. At some point you come to a place. I was very lucky as some of my friends have never gotten to that place, but I saw it as something that was separate from me. So, it’s kind of insanity to do it to that level. It’s nice that I was able to come to that realization. I just look for different things in life now.
Do you miss it?
Jonathan Rhys MeyersNo, I don’t. To be honest, it is actually very funny. Once you’ve made a decision that you’ve had enough of something. If I hadn’t made that decision, I wouldn’t have bothered to do it.
It’s really nice to see you that strong. You can really talk.
Jonathan Rhys MeyersThanks, that’s alright.
You worked with Woody Allen in Matchpoint, that must have been joyful for you, but was it stressful as well?
Jonathan Rhys MeyersHe came to me at one point and said Johnny, Johnny, do you want to be Irish? And I said yeah, I would get an Irish character in an Woody Allen film. I made a bit mistake. I shouldn’t have made him Irish, I should have kept him English. Woody is a great writer, a great director, a fabulous author, a wonderful actor, but to write an Irish man is very different. As you said, I like to talk, but Irish people would you 16 words, when 4 would do. So I should have sat down with him and tell him: hey, Woody, listen, if we’re gonna do this and you want to make me Irish, we’re gonna have to go over the script. If somebody is English he would say hello, how are ya? If someone is Irish he would go hello, how are ya, how’s it going, how’s your family, are you well? So there is a little bit more of a lyrical up and down with it. We didn’t have that in the production, but I loved the film, I saw it recently. I haven’t seen it for 6 or 7 years, I caught it on the telly. I loved the movie, I loved Scarlett, Emily Mortimer, Matthew Goode and Brian Cox.
Sorry, are you breathing throgh your ears? That is the longest that I have seen someone speaking without having a deep breath.
Jonathan Rhys MeyersIt’s a skill. (laughing)

Hear Jonathan singing and playing guitar in August Rush.

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