Creative confessions

glitterA guilty conscience needs to confess. A work of art is a confession. (Albert Camus)

The energy I get is from my dreams. I run away from reality as much as I can. But reality is always more creative than the limited hidden wonderland. So I embrace every situation that life gives me and I hope I am brave enough to find the right script and emotion to it. Most of my life this lack of bravery has restrained me from achieving my goals and instead it pushed me towards a slowly death, both spiritually and physically. But I am stubborn enough to go on living to paint smiles on every face that I touch, for not what I am is important, but what I do is.

When hedonism, you had mistaken by profoundness, turns away from your way, you feel lost, hurt and without a purpose, nothing makes sense anymore. But as there is no escape from the round stage of life, you have to leave your old shell behind and build up a new one, for you can do that as long as you are alive. And you are so privileged.

Verbs build nouns. So don’t get lost in adjectives – they will only deceive you and poison your thoughts. Cling on to precise verbs and adverbs that help to turn dreams into nouns. Concrete actions never get you lost.

Verbs describe us

One thought on “Creative confessions

  1. I don’t agree with the concept do not use the adjectives because poison your thoughts.
    There is no better way to describe a situation ,specially today when the comunication is mainly through the social network.Only using the adjectives you can better do it even this could disturbe someone.(pity for her/him)Adjectives reflect exactly what you think and what you want to transmit in your speech.A dream is made only with adjectives.Why are you afraid them?

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