Tea with Amy, Long live Amy!

„You learn something new everyday and life is short.” (Amy Winehouse)

On Thursday, the 23rd of July 2015,  we celebrated Amy Winehouse at Bohemia Tea House.

In the magic garden with grapevine with real grapes and tea cups hanging from the painted walls, you may feel like you were invited to a great tea party from a real fairytale.

It was Tea with Amy that I chose to call the celebration of the great artist and  I did not think that so many people would be interested in having an evening dedicated to her as well. To my pleasant surprise, I was wrong. The yard was full with Romanians that loved Amy Winehouse’s music and that actually made me feel both happy and nervous at the same time. Apart from singing Amy’s wonderful songs in my Amy branded T-shirt, I was really interested in what were their connections with Amy and I was pleased to find out that they were really impressed with her musical style and her voice. This is what Amy wanted to be remembered for – as a genuine artist. And to profoundly honor her peerless talent I did a screening of her 2007 concert from London.

Four years ago, I went to Camden to pay my respects to Amy along with other British fans and on her street in front of the house where she sadly passed away, I saw lots of flowers, candles, cards, and everyone, which were mainly teens, was singing her songs. I remember hearing Rehab. The feeling I got from actually walking on Amy’s footprints has never left me all these years. I remember meeting 2 cats and actually petting one of them. Amy used to have 2 cats named Monkey and Melina. I had tickets to her concert in Romania, which got cancelled. It seems so odd that I got to do an event in her memory and not to attend that concert.

It is important to mention that Amy Winehouse was the best selling artist of the 21st century in the UK, the first woman to have won 5 Grammy Awards in the same night, and that the documentary Amy is going to premiere in Bucharest on the 18th of September this year.

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  1. „You learn something new everyday „said Amy Winehouse but if you are honest with yourself you have to be conscious that still die ignorant!Judy I appreciate your singer performance at the Bohemia Tea House!Are you an Amy fan??It’s so obviously that you have a great passion for her.

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