Selena Gomez: Concerts are a glamorized version of myself.

People-who-knock-me-downToday we celebrate teen idol, actress, singer and fashion designer,Selena Gomez, who turns 23. At her age she already starred in over 20 movie productions and performend in 11 TV shows, according to her website.  impressive, isn’t it? What I personally like about her is her light attitude towards her job. She is not blinded by the success and all the media attention surrounding her and when she sits down to talk for an interview she is very laid back and once joked that her job is actually superficial – all day long to talk about what she does can become boring.

But I am not bored to check out the professional activity of the young star. Teenagers have certainly watched her in n the Disney Channel television series Wizards of Waverly Placebut this interview she did with MSN is about the music album she released in 2013 called Stars Dance.
Matt Schichter: Musically your new album it’s all over the map. You are trying to diversify the sound to make every track with a sound of its own.
Selena Gomez: I actually appreciate that observation, because that is exactly what I wanted it to be. I actually never had an opportunity to go into a studio and spend so much time working on a record. Before I was doing my TV show and then I went on tour on the weekend, so I literally would go in record a song and then it would be on the record. And with this album, I got to go it, I actually called the producers and writers and explained to them what I was listening to, what I was feeling, what I wanted it to sound like. I kind of had a couple of influences that for sure inspired me. And you are right, every single track on the record has its own individual style and I think that is so cool because I love all types of music. I love all types of genre.
Matt Schichter:At the first song there is a kind of moaning at the beginning, and that distances you a bit from the Disney star you used to be by turning you into a more mature person.
Selena Gomez: I think it is more me being able to experiment. Going into the booth and actually having the confidence to say let me try this, this works and messing around with melodies that are just harmonies or as you say moan.
Matt Schichter: Is that what it is?
Selena Gomez: I guess that is the right term for it. I think in a way I was really able to just play and that was fun for me to do.
Matt Schichter:You said you got to spend much more time in the studio.
Selena Gomez: About six months.
Matt Schichter:When you sit down with these writers, is it that they give you the tune or you first tell them your idea about a song?
Selena Gomez: We reached out to her, because I did want to work with her. When she thought of me she actually had the song, so she sent it to me. It was so different. I hand’t heard anything like that before. I thought it was very smart and polite of her that she gave that to me, because it is a different feel for me. And it is a different feel that is on the radio it has that tribal that urban feel to it. I was super-stoked. I went in and I recorded it. I let her have the song. She gave me some of her notes. We went back and fixed it a little bit more and then that was the single.
Matt Schichter:And the next single you just shot a video for it in Paris.
Selena Gomez: That was pretty awesome. I’m not going to lie. It was pretty cool, because Come and get it was such a cinematic, almost movie like video. It was very beautiful and the locations were stunning. And then for this one we made it a little bit darker. It was a little more harsh. The fashion, the hair, everything was a little more tough.
Matt Schichter:Is it a tough song?
Selena Gomez: Yeah, it’s a lot faster and it’s got more of a swag beat to it. I also dance in the video.
Matt Schichter:I heard that you also want that for the tour.You want it more to be like a dancing production than a stage lights and all these kinds of things.
Selena Gomez: Obviously it helps having incredible things in the backgroun, all these incredible lights and all that stuff I would probably add. I grew up with Britney and Janet, and all these people who entertain. You can bring music to lifee by coreographing pieces that are amazing. I have an incredible coreographer who completely kills it.
Matt Schichter:You are coming from an acting background, and I wonder if you approach these live shows by getting into a character on stage, knowing that is a performance, but without the script.
Selena Gomez: I like to say that it is more like a glamorized version of myself in a way. I would not wear sparkling clothes to the mall, but I would wear it on stage. It’s just a different version of myself.

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