Love at first song

„I can’t see anything in my life without the comedy that surrounds it.”(Robbie Williams)

I should be writing something about the concert I attended on Friday, 17 July. But still I cannot find my voice… There is so much inside that I cannot take out into words. This is nasty and it annoys.  Being unable to do something I wish to do so badly really annoys me.  Why am I unable? Because I fear that everything I would write here on the web would not rise up to the importance of the event in my heart. Feelings are different from actions, although they are interconnected and somehow generate each other. I wish there was a new word for each feeling that I get during a great show I see. I mainly see theater shows, as there are unrepeatable once in a lifetime events, that create worlds in just a few hours.

Music, to me, ever since I was a child, had this power to cure anything and to help me get new thoughts and ideas about everything surrounding me. I could not find myself very much in the music showed by the local tv networks and radio stations. I enjoyed watching Judy Garland movies and learning her songs which each told her story in different states.

While doing my interviews research, I was very glad to find out that Robbie Williams also listens to Judy Garland, which is great, because his is the 17th of July concert which is so hard for to write about. I was excited to go and see the show, because I realized along my way to the location that apart from Elvis Presley, Freddie Mercury,George Michael and Judy Garland I actually grew up in real time along with the songs of Robbie Williams. His middle name is Peter, the same as his father. As far as I watched the intervies, Robbie takes a lot after Peter Pan, the boy who never grew up, in terms of never getting old and remaining pure in thought and at heart. These are great human features that we should never lose no matter what happens in our lives.

I got the impression of these honesty and purity features from the concert Robbie Williams had in Bucharest.  Apart from performing the well known songs which made everyone go insane, he managed to establish a communication bond with the audience, which I think must be an incredibly difficult job for just one man to a sea of people. But as far as I saw from the videos, he has always enjoyed to talk to his audience apart from entertaining them. Through the live concerts you can see the humane side of artists apart from all the more or less true image created by the media and recording company.

It was stunning to me to see the one whose music I grew up with to  kneel in front of the Romanian audience.  I will never forget this and I will talk about it as much as I can.  By relistening to his 7 albums I noticed a profoundness which is sligthly unlikely to be found at artists nowadays. I am sorry cannot cheer superficiality, especially in music. This is not the case with Robbie Williams, as all of the songs I like written by him contain a great amount of poetry and can be considered literary music. And I like many of his songs, as this is the reason why they have been part of my playlists for 15 years now. If at least one song accompanies you throught the journey of your life then that creation is really special and important for everyone, I suppose.

And Robbie Williams’ work must be really special to the audience worldwide if they appreciate it for a quarter of a decade now. I can only imagine the amount of energy invested by him into writing, recording, shooting videos, rehearsing for the concerts, doing the shows itselves and all the other stuff an artist needs to do in order to promote his work. I thought it must be so wonderful for international artists to have their music being played all around the world, but I never gave that much thought to what it actually meant for them do a concert in every big city of the world. The pressure of getting it right must be tremenduous and each concert night in which the artist needs to entertain tens of thousands of people can easily turn into an ordeal.

I really do hope that the team surrounding Robbie Williams will support him into this tour and that every show will be a wonderful memory both for him and the audience. Let us hear Something Beautiful 😀


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