Robbie Williams: I get addicted to anything that changes the way I feel.

DSC_1494-001I just got back from the smashing Robbie Williams concert and I felt like doing something just to keep the energy he gave me and 60,000 other people through his music. I did a transcript of the interview he had while touring in Australia 2012. This October he will be having 7 shows in Australia. Tune in to his website to check the dates, and after that I leave you i the company of his words and songs. Until I write about his fantastic performance, may you have a great night!.

What’s it like to be on stage and 300 hundred people to be screaming at you?
It’s all kinds of stuff. It majestic, spiritual, religious and shit, I have to do it again tomorrow night. I just gave it my best shot the night before. I am fucking nackered and I having slept and wow there is a 100,000 people turning up again. That it a lot of pressure. It’s all of those things.
What’s it like to be a father?
Unexplainable really. The first couple of days felt like ingenuenly felt like I owned the world. We’ve made a human and we want to mold her into being our mate.
Have you sang to her, yet?
I’ve rapped to her. I did Cronic by Dr. Dre. My mum recently has been the best nanny ever. She became a drug’s councellor because of my problems.
How was the drinking, drugs, the women?
It was brilliant, but not for a long time. Unfortunately I am a textbook addict. I will use anything at all possible to change the way I feel. I suffered with horrendous hang-over and poor life choices. Just being out control in general and being drepressed. And then you get on a slippery slope and you repeat everything all over again. And you start banging your head against brick walls because of what are you doing to yourself.
It wasn’t just for prescription drugs,what was it?
It’s anything. I get addicted to anything that changes the way I feel.
Was there any moment when you thought I could end it here?
I didn’t think that there were moments when I didn’t care wheter it ended. I didn’t think that I was going to end it. That is not the person that I am today I’m very contentm loved up. I got a little girl that I need to look after. I’m very pleased honored and happy to do that.
What’s the message to someone that might be watching this at home?
I should address the camera at this point. It’s never gonna get better. All the best.
You know, I lost my dignity quite early on by being in a boy band in the early 90s and grunge was all their age. So I never had to worry abot my dignity because it went. The real me is very shy and backwad.
When you do charity you’re not support to mention but I want people to now that I am good guy and that I do good work for people in need. That’s who I really am. . I worked with UNICEF. I funded a campaign out of my own money.
I don’t know how I managed it, but I managed to cobble together 19 albums, and sell over 60 million copies of them. 25 milllion were Take That, 60 million were by myself.
It’s absolutely epic. What a journey. What a life.

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