Ginger Rogers: „I think the stage life is a very tough life.”

5641ccbc3ddd16ab6ce75c89afbcf622Today we celebrate 104 years since the birth of actress, singer and dancer, Ginger Rogers. She may be more famous for being a dancing partner of Fred Astaire in many classic movies like Shall we dance, Swing time, Follow the Fleet, Top hat, Roberta, The Gay Divorce, but her Oscar winning performance was her role in the movie Kitty Foyle, directed by Sam Wood.

Ginger Rogers made 73 films, which is a record to be appreciated in any Hollywood era. Below you can read some of the extracts of the few video interviews I found with her at different stages of her life.

„Some of the wonderful movies that have been made are beeing lost. They are disintegrating in their little film receptacles. It’s a shame to see these marvelous films that could go and need now to be put on safety film. ”
„I was working so hard that I was at a point where I thought may the best man win whoever it is. I was heavily worked at that time.”
„Winning an Oscar in our business is like saying you’re the president of the United States.”
„How can I be behind her thinking? The people have their own motifs to do whatever they do.”
„I enjoy watching my old movies. I think some of them were really funny. I don’t think that I am watching a different person from myself in the movies. They seem fresh to me all over again.”

„I have come from a very hard school. I had to work very hard for what has come to me. If I got a part in a film it was always a difficult role. If I had a dance to do it has always been a hard one to do. I thought so and other people thought so too. It has not been droppped in my lap like a handful of gold. I come from the hardschool of learning in this business.”

„I don’t want material things. I want those things that  are needful in life, but not necessarily the most valuable things according to dollars and cents.”

„If you like people who like their work and who work at their work, then Fred Astaire and I are hard workmen. We are very definite about what we like and what we dislike. If that is considered hard to work with, then you’ve got the answer to your question.”

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