The back of the limelight

cfd924cdd67144b7705008e725bbcfbcAn actor or a singer , even if he was born famous with a huge talent, he has to earn his recognition on stage.

He has to convince his audience that he deserves the applause, the ovations, with every show.

Everything happens live, where no cameras can hide the face of a frowny face or the shout of coughing cannot be erased by the sound editor.

The artist is there receiving these reactions instataneously and he has to be in control of his charachter and show and at the same time spontaneous.

Most people draw this line upon the artist and the ordinary man, while some people expand the meaning of being a star and exaggerate with attributes.

The actual truth is that there is no boundary between the man and the artist, as he doesn’t impose himself to act in a certain way, eventhough he’s getting money from it. He’s just being himself.

He’s always been like that: the energy, the sparks, the thrills, the bursts of joy. He understands them well and now he wants us to feel them,too.

Only that we perceive it different as individuals…We take him for granted and we tend to forget that he’s human and maybe he needs to feel from us as well.

There are so many ways of expressing inner feelings, that somehow we never seem to find the most suitable one and lose precious time while looking in vain.

Verbs describe us

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