Malala, the triumph of right over any wrong

gty_malala_yousafzai_quote_ll_131004_wmainToday is the birthday of a girl who has become a truly inspirational figure to me through her story.  Her name is Malala and she has just turned 18 today. She fought death in order to obtain her right to education. Her belief that women as well shall be free to study and go to univerisity in a country like Pakistan, has defetead the one bullet meant to take her life. Malala Yousafzai is the youngest person who has received the Nobel Prize Award.

Before getting shot, Malala wrote an anonimous diary to the BBC website. She also wrote a book entitled I am Malala. The title is inspired from her answering her shooter Who is Malala? This is a mere proof of bravery and the strongest power in personal beliefs as I ever heard about in my life. Would you uncover your face in order to face a bullet just to prove you are right? The deepness of Malala’s inspirational figure has much to offer to the world. This fall the documentary movie will premiere.

Malala in her own  words, as transcripted from The Daily Show interview:  „My father gave me the name Malala, he did not make me Malala. I chose this life and now I must continue it. We are human beings and education is a part of our nature. We don’t learn the importance of anything until it is snatched from our hands. In Pakistan when women were stopped from going to school I realized that education is very important. Education is the power for women. That’s why terrorists are afraid of education. They don’t want women to get education, because then women would become more powerful. My father was a great encouragemnet for me. He spoke for the importance of women education. So I said to myself, why don’t I raise my voice? Why don’t I speak for my rights? Is started writing diary I spoke on every media channel or platform that I could. I need to tell the world that my city was suffering because of terrorism and that we need to raise our voices for that. I said to myself if the Taliban comes to me , I would hit him with a shoe. Then I thought that there would be no difference between me and the Taliban. You must not treat others that much with cruelty and that much harshly. You must fight others though peach, through dialog and through education. I said that I will tell him how important education is and that I want education for his children as well. This is what I want to tell you, now do what you want. „

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