Amy Winehouse in her own words – taken from video interviews


Fullscreen capture 10072015 032217-001I’m just a musician and I don’t know what people would like to hear. I make music that I really like.

My greatest fear is dying without anyone knowing the contribution I made to music. 

I just wanted to write music that is emotional and that people want to listen to it and connect with. I write all the lyrics myself. I write on the guitar. I always said that I never wanted to write about love and I went and did that anyway.

About the Frank album: I was really frustated about the way things turned out with this guy and when you are emotionally tied up to someone is never that simple. If someone has so much already, there is very little you can add.
Back to black is a lot more raw. It’s not as jazzy as the first one. I’m a guitarist. I’ve been listening to a lot more guitar bands. In Camden you cannot really get away from it. I’d sayt that it is more accesible than my debut album. It is not more poppy though. Jazz is quite an elitist music and this album is a lot less than that. The theme of this album is the same as the last one. It is about why things go wrong. You can have the best intentions, but it doesn’t always work out. It is a lot less verbally agressive than the last one. When I wrote the songs, I was like – It went wrong but it is a shame because we could have done something amazing together.
Rehab was when I got myself into a real dark place.
You did not ask me for my life story, you asked me why I got here today.
If you can’t remember the practical things, that’s when you have a real problem.
I was paranoid and I was defensive. I had an album that I did not know how well people would receive it. I used to lash out.
I don’t bare anyone any ill will.
What you listen to wraps up on you. I put down the jazz and the hip-hop for a spell. I listen to the 60s. Living in Camden, it follows you about. You walk down the street, there is The Vampire Shop, he pumps up Ray Charles all the time.
When you meet someone, you want to impress them and they want to impress you. Anyone who’s got manners I like.


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