Neil Simon: I never feel alone while I am writing.

neil_1Today American playwright and screenwriter Neil Simon is turning 88 years old. In thearers from Bucharest there are 10 stagigns of his plays, one of the most popular being Barefoot in the park directed by Stefan Banica.  Let us review some important biografical details – In 1983 Neil Simon became the only living playwright to have a theatre located in New York, the Neil Simon Theatre, in his honor. In the the U. S. there is also a Neil Simon Festival. According to the history column of the festival’s site, in 1997, Founder Richard Bugg was reading one of Neil Simon’s plays, when he glanced at the dust cover of the book and saw a list of all of Neil Simon’s plays to date.  The list was impressive.  Richard realized that Neil Simon was one of the great playwrights of the 20th Century.   Now preparing for its 12th Season, the Neil Simon Festival continues to grow and create great theatre.

Let us read about the renowned author in his own words transcripted from the TV Show Theater Talk.

Even today I write a play and no one is going to give me money upfront. I was lucky enough not to have a major hit because they are very hard to overcome.

The actors in rehearsals don’t want me to see that they are not doing it well yet. They need to rehearse it. I am never watching them. I am listening to the play to what I have to rewrite. When we get passed the second week, we get into the third week, and I’ve done all that I want to do, then it’s up to the directors and the actors. I would sometimes leave them. I give them much more time. Then, they are kind of happy that I come back, ‘cause now they are ready to please me.

I don’t think two people can write a play that says what it is inside of you. I was have a reputation of being a nice guy and I felt that I was getting into the dark side. As long as I do what I think it is my best and we got a good cast and a good director, I look forward to it.

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