Tea with Amy

In her short life, Amy Winehouse has offered her audience a legacy to last from generations to generations. This year the end of July marks four years since the outstanding singer has left this world and I think all those who love her music should get together and sing her wonderful musical creations. 

On the 23rd of July we shall meet at the Bohemia Tea House to celebrate Amy Winehouse’s music and her deep thoughts and feelings hidden within her lyrics. We will sing her most famous songs, but also we will discover some new songs she might have sang at the concert she had to have in Romania in 2011. And in-between songs we will talk about her lifetime inspirations in writing her music and we shall see pictures of her in the different stages of her career.

„I don’t write songs because I want my voice to be heard or to be famous or any of that stuff. I write songs about things that I have to get past them. I love the ’60s thing just because it is so naive and innocent and dramatic.” (Amy Winehouse)

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