Liv Tyler: I think in song most of the times.

Today Hollywood and movie lovers celebrate a full-time actress and mom, Liv Tyler. She is turning just 38 years old, looking outstanding and hope feeling the same way. With 28 film parts since 1994, Liv Tyler’s talent is appreciated both by the audience and critics with 10 winning awards at the specialized galas of the entertaining business and other 17 nominations. 

What I personally like about her, apart from growing up with her movies, and the video Crazy by Aerosmith in which she stars, it is her surreal voice which is both soft and powerful and her mermaid look. Apart from that, she has a really deep thinking, so I made some research about her opinions towards her job, her fashion and her passions, fashion and music. Enjoy reading! At the end of the article you may wath one of her early movies entitled Heavy.

I always thought that I would be a singer, because it was what I loved. I used to dress in my mom’s crazy amazing outfits. And she used to say you’re gonna be an actress, honey, ‘cause I used to be such a drama queen.

My son calls my dad Papa Steven. He gets this extra-twinkle in the eye when he is around him.

Just paying attention and learning. I’m in a sort of simple mode at the moment. I just don’t want to have a lot of crap around, a lot of things that I don’t need. I noticed that I tend to collect things, even vintage things from all over the world. Now, I can see the things that I’m gravitating towards. I don’t buy a lot of stuff. I only have the key pieces that I sort cannot live without. For example a pair of jeans that can last for years and years. Or a blazer.

For a few years I was puting my fillers out and dreaming that I would find something. Really specificly, I said I wanna do an ensemble with an incredible group of people, wonderful writers and directors, that I can  just be a part of, so I was really actively looking for that. And then this came along.

When you make a movie you have a script and it is a complete beginning, middle and end. You know what’s gonna happen. Everything is very planned out. In television you have a vague idea of what’s gonna happen, but you don’t really know. You get each script for each episode a couple of days before you start filming. We are all getting to know our characters as everything goes on. If there is a second season, we’ll get to know more of them.

It is pretty interesting because as an actor something different comes out of you. You have to know yourself very well. At often times  at the very last second you’ll be asked to do things that you were not planning on at all. So, it is totally outof your comfort zone. It is really interesting just as an exercise to see what happens and what you’re gonna come up with. When it is not planned, I’ve been enjoying that. They ask me to do crazy things sometimes which I love.

What it is funny about me is that I’ll notice when I fall in love with a character and I#m playing someon. They become a part of me. I think with them. I think for them and I do things. But I’m still myself. It’s like suddenly they live inside of me a little bit. I wouldn’t say it is an escape, but it is an amazing opportunity to do things that you would never normally do, the challenge of getting through.

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