Alexandru Tomescu: George Enescu’s works make the violin sound like no other composer has done it before

 „Who is George Enescu?” was the title of the first Musical Sunday of the George Enescu Festival that took place on Sunday, 28th of June, at the Humanitas Bookshop from Cișmigiu.

2015 is the year which marks 60 years since composer George Enescu left us his legacy. According to the press release, this edition of the Musical Sundays of the George Enescu Festival, aims to uncover the musician by highlighting all his natures: how is his music perceveid beyond borders, and how it is felt and interpreted in Romania, and also what are some of the features of the personality of the Romanian musical composer.

The speakers were Alexandru Tomescu, renowned Romanian violinist, Renaud Capucon, French violinist, Mihai Constantinescu, executive director of the George Enescu Festival. The open discussion was moderated by Oana Marinescu, communication direct of the George Enescu Festival.

In this year’s edition of  the George Enescu’s festival the audience will be delighted with over 20 performances of pieces by George Enescu interpreted live by some of the world’s greatest ochestras and conductors. There are aproximately 2500 foreign artists and 500 Romanian artists that take part of the schedule of the George Enescu Festival 2015.

The Musical Sunday the attendants were delighted with the  fragments of George Enescu’s works played by violinist Răzvan Anemțoaei și pan-pipper Radu Moroșanu, scholars within the programme Young Talents 2015 of the Foundation Princess Margareta of Romania.

Oana Marinescu, communication director of George Enescu Festival: This year’s festival theme is  a challenging one as we aimed to uncover George Enescu. Why to uncover George Enescu? Perhaps many of you think this is pointless, as everyone knows about George Enescu. In fact, we would like to crush a stereotype concerning the difficulty in understanding his music. We crush this stereotype along with artists playing George Enescu’s pieces in the festival, among which there are Alexandru Tomescu and Renaud Capucon.
Alexandru Tomescu, violinist: Just before I went on my tour, The Covent Garden Opera in London announced the shows that will be part of the 2015-2016 season and we all can be very proud that a staging of the Oedipus by Enescu. I don’t know when a theaterical or opera institution from Romania will take on such a risk to propose the audience such an evolved opera. I believe that the music of George Enescu needs to be understood in its metamorphose, this a a reason for which I chose to begin each recital with this apparently so simple and childish song, The Ballad of George Enescu. It is a piece that offers you a first connection with his music, it makes you understand Enescu’s beginnings. You can even notice the seeds of his genius in this ballad.  
Renaud Capucon, violinist: Since I was a child I always admired this amazing composer who is George Enescu and with the years I realized more and more how important and how huge he was. His place in the musical century was absolutely amazing. I learnt that Enescu was not obssessed with perfection. He preferred someone who played with personality instead of someone who played just perfect. My teacher studied with George Enescu when she was young and in a way I got 5% of what he told her. It will be a premiere for me to play George Enescu and hopefully the Romanian people will appreciate a French guy playing Romanian music.
Mihai Constantinescu, executive director of George Enescu Festival:  The father of Alexandru Tomescu, Adrian Tomescu, was the only pianist who could play the sonatas of Enescu. As far as I am concerned,  abroad, there are 9 productions of the Oedipus by George Enescu. So slowly but surely, George Enescu’s music is becoming popular. I need to state this, that for the international artists that take part in the George Enescu Festival it is compulsory to play one of George Enescu’s compositions. They actually enjoy his music very much and they want to go on playing it. As Alexandru Tomescu said, first you need to get accustomed to George Enescu and after you get to know him, your heart and mind open so you can understand his creation. 

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