For the seventh time at The Good Person of Szechwan by Bertolt Brecht – Ana Ularu is amazing

Probably the best theater show I have ever seen in my tiny life, The Good Person of Szechwan,   by Bertolt Brecht directed by Andrei Șerban ,  is one of the most successful shows of Theater Bulandra. It is always sold out and never and with each night the audience is fulfilled with energy. I always wondered how do the actors recharge their energies after a backbreaking show like this one. I highly doubt that they fuel with just the applause…They ust be guarded by some mighty powerful gods like those of the play.

Best known for her international career in cinema pictures, Ana Ularu’s wonder-working talent can be seen and felt live on the stage of Theater Bulandra. You might have seen her in movies like  L1-L5RamonaCamera TrapIndex ZeroSerena, A very unsettled summer and so on, but seeing her live on stage is a totally different experience. So, fans of her from around the world, do manage to see Ana Ularu perform on stage. Through theater artists can really establish a bond with a real audience and their work it is at its best, in my opinion. I think it is actually a talent test for a movie star to take on the stage. Not many can do that. But Ana Ularu confirmed once again that she was made to shine and pump the hearts of the spectators with new seething blood.  I cannot wait to see her again in the show and hopefully in new shows too.

„The role of Shen Teh is one of the best ever written parts in history.” (Ana Ularu)

Why is she special in this show? Because she divides herself brilliantly between a woman (Shen Teh) who wants to help everybody and a man (Shui Ta) who needs to save the woman from exceeding with the acts of charity. By overexggerating it, goodness can be harmful too, as we learn from the poor. The woman needs to please everyone around her, while the man needs to take care of the business she bought and that means to stop being careful with the others around. The whole story is this human battle between choosing what good to do first – to herself or the world. She sings and dances her pain beautifully and with the bravery of standing up despite the harsh circumstances she has to face, makes  her a terribly likeable character as a woman. The man she interprets is really devilish, but it is actually a result of the sufference she endured from the people she tried to help. From Shen Teh we learn that endless goodness towards the others is a big survival bet. And from Shui Ta we learn that by being evil and doing harm to the others in order to fix their greed for goodness is just another step towards being despised and hated.  Your kindness can be someone else’s harm? Could that person be you? The questions regarding this matter never end as Ana Ularu’s energy in this show directed by Andrei Șerban.

I am totally fascinated by this show as it opened my eyes to many things, although Vlad Ivanov’s character – the show does not intend to offer you any sollutions. It actually does point out some stingy authentic matters that probably will concern the world even in a hundred’s year time.

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