Theater director Andrei Șerban: „Fight for sensibility”

„The essential element in theater is surprise. Without surprise there is no life. Anything I do in theater need to surprise the audience. It needs to surprise myself at first. I need to be the first one to be surprised by my work.” (Andrei Șerban)

The need of making theater to me it is very clear. If theater does not help us to outdo ourselves, then why are we making theater?

Everything goes down, not just here in Romania, but the whole planet. So what should we do?

Should we lament, we become cynics? Or on the contrary, we do our best in order to find a way toward something positive.  It is hard, it is really hard, but it is possible. The only thing that interests me is the positive way, to state something, to find something that needs to be stated. I have no interest in going to the a theater show and see how awful everything is around me. It does not do serve me.

What we all lack in is education. I mean the profound education. None of us  here is really spiritually educated. We may be intelectually educated, we may be trained in sports, but no one is emotionally educated. We are a sort of primitive creatures. To me , the theater is a place of educating the emotion.

You need to find resources in yourself that are greater than the ones you think you have to get through. You, the actor, need to reach a potential that we all have, but it can only be seen on stage.

You need to fight with yourself. You live in this moment and you can die anytime. It is a much more complex theme than just the theater.

Theater it is about now. Not in 5 minutes, not after 5 minutes. Now, in this moment. If you are not here present with anything that you have to offer in the moment you breath, you do not exist. You need to exist now.

If you do not perfect your skills in your profession, and if you are more preocupied to survive than to practice, than you forgot your purpose for ever starting this journey.

To me all the practice I do has one single purpose – to make me more sensible.

We  are so impassive not just toward the others, but toward ourselves. I am so impassive towards what I was given, toward what I can do, my potential, but I need to fight against insensibility. I want to sense.

The theater is a place in which we cannot create by ourselves. A painter, a writer, a pianist needs nobody to create. But an actor, a director needs the others to make a show, so you cannot be by yourself. So in order to find this energy coming from somewhere else and it is not mine, we together must unravel something.

Andrei Șerban

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