Buy a book, help build a home in Nepal

Give love. Give Happy.

To Lama, his family, his village, his Nepal.

Possible. Why not?

I was so impressed with the book launch from Humanitas tonight that I wished that I had the money to buy more than just one book in support of this tremenduous action.

After his spiritual journey to Nepal, Romanian writer Sega decided to write a book and to dedicate it to his guide who unfortunately lost his house because of the 25th April earthquake.

In the foreword and on the back cover of the book, the author states that: The book you hold in your hand is not a new book. Its content is unchanged since its first edition. The covers are different. Nevertheless, even if you have read it before, I do urge you to buy it, knowing that all the benefits obtained due to its sale will be donated to the survivors of the earthquake in Nepal. This is the purpose of the special edition.

Then in the following paragraph, the authors shares his optimistic view upon the disaster – people from around the world can actually help the ones in need from Nepal. The author’s personal connection to the country seems more than just a journey that turned into a book. It seems to be his destiny to become really useful in the lives of the family of Lama, his guide from Nepal, a country he visited in this spring.

We can help this nation fell on its knees to rise up, to wipe the layer of debris on its beautiful face. With hope , Sega, 14th of May 2015

One of my foolish tests in order to find out if a book suits my personal interests is reading a random page. With my eyes closed, I turned the charity book’s pages back and forward until my fingers stopped at page 110: Don’t forget, Sega, Dhamma will protect you, but you need to work hard in order to become your own master. You are not free if you always depend on someone.

So, apart from being a charity book,  which is a total noble and useful gesturel,  Namaste – un roman de aventuri spirituale în nepal( a novel of spiritual adventures in Nepal) has an inspirational side too. I wish for this book to reach as many readers and to touch as many souls in order to do an absolute vital humane thing for their brothers and sisters in need. Who could imagine that from just buying a book you could help build a home?

As she also was with Sega on his trip to Nepal, Mira Loghin also started a humanitarian campaign for the children in Nepal called Ajută copii nepalezi să zâmbească din nou  – Help the children from Nepal to smile again.


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