New book: The Wall by Lidia Vianu


Contemporary Literature Press, under The University of Bucharest, in conjunction with The British Council, The Romanian Cultural Institute, and The Embassy of Ireland,

Announces the publication of

Lidia Vianu

The Wall

ISBN 978-606-8592-97-8

His ancestors’ house had been built in 1177, on the place of a well gone dry. A hidden descent into darkness. Centuries later, the communists confiscated the house. Years after that, here he is, climbing to the attic.

Broken windows, ghostly walls, birds’ nests — pigeons fly out with fast beating wings. One bird stays behind unafraid. Grey feathers, a white halo, eyes in his. Its feet are resting on some papers written in green ink. Faded.

He holds out his hand and slowly pulls the papers towards him. The bird breathes deeply. Both of them on this side of the wall.

No touch.
Just the sign.

Here it was and is no more.

Lidia Vianu: The Wall is formally launched on 18 June 2015. The volume is available for consultation and downloading on receipt of this Press Release, at the following internet address:

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