Johnny Depp: „Music is still my first love.”

Fullscreen capture 11062015 085841.bmp-004In 2011, before the upcoming premire of The Rum Diary,  Johnny Depp did this interview at his house with Larry King.

Larry King: Do you not like to be interviewed?
Johnny Depp: I’m just not very good at it you know. I’ve never been good at it.
Larry King: Why not?
Johnny Depp: I don’t know. There is a strange thing. I’m okay when I am a character. If I’m playing a character I can do virtually anything in front of the camera, but if I’m just me, I feel exposed. It feels awkward.
Larry King: You like being other people?
Johnny Depp: Yeah, I do, because I am fascinated with people. I like to watch people. As an actor, in terms of job necessity, is the ability of being able to watch people, to observe, to be an observer, as a journalist, you know. It’s one of may favourite things to sort of pick a part with various traits.
Larry King: Marlon Brandon once told me that once you become famous, you are the one being observed.
Johnny Depp: That becomes a problem too. Your ability to observe is tainted. It changes radically.
Larry King: How did you go from guitar to acting?
Johnny Depp: Accident. I moved to Los Angeles in 1983 and I was living to play music. We did a couple of good gigs. The band went out on the road a little bit. It was all fine, but in terms of making a living it was pretty close to the bone there. I was filling out job applications for video stores or anywhere. I happened to be with an old buddy of mine, Nicholas Cage, who was then coming up the ranks. And he said: I think you should meet my agent, you should investigate acting.
Larry King: You hadn’t thought of it until then.
Johnny Depp: No, not really. And so I met his agent she sent me to read for a part and got a call back and then they hired me for the first gig, that was Nightmare on Elm Street, 1983 or 1984.
Larry King: Did you like it right away?
Johnny Depp: No. It was just a gig. I thought this would get me through until the music picks up. To me the first two or three or four films were just a lark. They were just to be able to make some dow.
Larry King: Would you rather have been a musician?
Johnny Depp: In retrospect, no, because supposing that become my main gig, I would have fallen out of love with it at some point. And I still to this day, I still have the first love feeling for music as I did when I was twelve.
Larry King: Do you still play?
All the time, yeah. Constantly. Still, you know.
Larry King: How did you react to getting famous?
Johnny Depp: I am still reacting. I am still sort of dealing with it. I don’t think that is something you ever get used to. For many years I could never put my name category with the word famous or anything like that. I just found it very uncomfortable. If you get used to it, then something must be wrong. There’s gotta be a part of you that somewhere pins for anonimity.

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