The fairytales that inspired us, Children’s Day, wonderful day

With the ocassion of the 1st of June, the National Children’s Day, at Cărturești Bookshop in Bucharest, A.R.C.E.N. (The Romanian Association for Culture, Education and Normality) set up a lovely event meant for our inner kids, who are disguised in adults and forgot about stories and fairytales.

The event was called – De-a joaca literară sau cum să creştem mici prin basme – The literary game or how to grow up through fairytales and it gathered children of ages 2 and 92 (just like in the Nat King Cole song).

We first listened to a recorded story about Natalia and Ivan whom the voices of the characters belonged to real children. This great project is initiated by Cosmina Dragomir, mother of 5 children, who stated that: Stories need to be told accordingly to the age of the children. You cannot tell children just about anything,  as after they hear your story they need to be in  a safe state. A bedtime story should not give a child nightmares. A fairytale is a really nice communication instrument.

Nicoleta Gavrilă has organised for the second time this event and she told us that last year the stories discussed were Alice in Wonderland and Little Prince. She also asked some questions for our playful side: Which of your childhood story you identify the most? Which is the story that takes you straight to childhood just by hearing its name? Each time we do not tell a story and we keep it inside our mind, a little of its chance to be passed on to generations disappears.

Writter and professor, Laura Grünberg read to us from her book Să creștem mici (Let’s grow young) and said that: On the 1rst of June we feel the need to reach out to the child within us. It is obvious that we have this will to be in touch with our inner child. It is important to also have the strength to find our childhood and to highlight it as adults. At the right time, I do believe that fairytales may include subjects from the daily life.


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