The most loved play by Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt in Bucharest

I love doing research about the things I am totally and deeply found of. One of the is theater and books and whenever these two phenomenons meet, at least in Romania, miracles happen. Did you hear about Oscar and Tanti Roz or better said Oscar and the Lady in Pink or even better said Oscar et la Dame Rose(book/theater play/cinema movie)? If you did, I am glad, if you did not, I am also glad, because we can unravel some facts about the wonderful story of living each day at the fullest together right now.

According to the website of the author Éric-Emmanuel Schmitt , the book Oscar and the Lady in Pink was turned into  a theater play in  31 countries around the Globe, meaning 97 worldwide theaters. Under the name of Oscar și Tanti Roz, theater director Chris Simion dramatised the Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt‘s book Oscar et la dame rose  and since the 6th of March 2010 Romanians in Bucharest can go to L.S. Bulandra Theater  – Toma Caragiu Hall and watch the most touching story that brings you both joy and tears. One of the greatest features of both the book and the theater show is that is suits all age categories, all races, all social classes and so on. A disease does not discriminate in choosing its next victim. But despite the hurtful truth experienced by the characters on stage, the story it is also a a lesson of bravery, the bravery of being happy until the last breath.

„The great literary or theater texts have this outstanding attribute of being valid for each and everyone everywhere in this world.” (Oana Pellea)

The female main character of the show is Tanti Roz (Lady in Pink or Mamie Rose) is played by Mrs. Oana Pellea, who stated within a warm morning meeting from Humanitas Bookshop that: „Oscar and the Lady in Pink (Oscar si Tanti Roz) is a book that heals you. I read it all in the same evening. During the reading process I both laughed and cried like a child. Then after a short while there came the proposal for me to be The Lady in Pink (Tanti Roz) and I was really glad to meet this great proffesional actor called Marius Manole. In this show there a line which belonged to my mother – Life is counted by days. And I indulged in adding it, because it matched the subject of the story. ”

The male main character of the show is Oscar (oh good, a forename, it remains unchanged!) is played by Marius Manole, who said at the same meeting that: Mrs. Oana Pellea is one of the few artists that makes you to be truthful each second of the 2 hours and 40 minutes of the show. It is a tough drill, but after each show I do recall why I chose this proffesion, why I wanted to do theater, why theater is important for me and for the people. I also recall the fact that theater has an educational role and that it needs to tell stories in order to help people.

„Theater is worthwhile, as in the times we live in, there are many things that lose their worth.” (Marius Manole)


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