„In theater, time passes with the speed of light.” Artdialog, a special public event at the Romanian Cultural Institute

The Romanian Cultural Institute of Bucharest initiated a wonderful event in which the audience gets to meet the actors they admire on stage. Under the title, „Artdialog”, the conferences are meant for both the younger and the elder art amateurs, as the two cultural personalities who are invited to speak represent the both generations from the artistic world.  The topics of the discussion vary from one guest to another, as the talk is moderated by Mirela Sandu. And the most nice thing is that nearing the end of the conference, the members of the audience get to ask their own questions to the guests. The entry to the Artdialog conferences is free.

This edition’s guests I was all eyes, years and hands on my video camera in order to capture everything actress Crina Semciuc and actor Ion Caramitru said about theater, career, work stages, rehearsals, auditons, career choices and many other interesting topics, which really drew my interest in how they see this acting business. How I, a member of the audience see it, is actually very intimidating, but despite being nervous, I was really happy to ask a question at the end and to ask for both their autographs.

Crina Semciuc and Ion Caramitru can be seen together on stage playing Miranda and Prospero in the show The Tempest (Furtuna) after William Shakespeare at the National Theater of Bucharest. I personally have seen it 5 times since the 2014 premiere.

Crina Semciuc, actress: You need to have a very strong mind in order to do this acting job. You need to have patience and trust coming from behalf of your family. In the past years, at the auditons I joined in I met other 200 actors. If you got the audition, then start the fear of not rising up to the standards required by the director. What if I will not get along with my work partners? What if I do not do my job accordingly. I think if last year I was appreciated for that certain part, what if now I do not make it. I think the process of this acting is actually hard, but when I am on stage playing a part, it is wonderful. My start in the acting business was not easy at all, but the moment you get to do the things you want to do, you forget about everything else that was in-between. You have a great spiritual contentment.

Ion Caramitru, actor and manager of the National Theater of Bucharest: I believe that you need to prepare since your youth for what is going to happen in your career once you have aged. I am deadly serios. In theater, time flyes with the speed of light. When you are in the acting school, time passes like a moment, you always run out of time, you are called by everyone, either from the directing school to play a part in their show, either from you college mates, you never have enough rehearsals so that you know you did well what you did. And it goes away. Theater seasons flow with a great speed. From 20 to 30 you have no time to breathe. In Romania there are a little over 2000 actors who are active in this business and there are 1800 more who are retired. In my opinion, the number of 2000 actors practicing their job in Romania, while this country’s population is 20 million people, is a drop in the ocean. Romanian actors are each bearing a special talent, a heavenly gift, that do not resemble one another. A new show means finding new cast members to play different roles. Don’t you see that Romeo and Juliet has  not been running for a long time? Until Crina Semciuc and two other actors were hired, the National Theater of Bucharest youngest female actresses are over 40 years old. Would you like to see a forty year old Juliet?

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