Italian writer, Paolo Giordano, talked to Romanian personalities at Humanitas Bookshop from Cișmigiu

A new book edited by Humanitas Fiction was relead at Librăria Humanitas de la Cișmigiu (Humanitas Bookshop from Cișmigiu Park).The volume is entitled Corpul uman (The human body) by Italian writer, Paolo Giordano,  and it is also  part of the collection Raftul Denisei. This book launch was special because the author joined the discussion through Skype.

Daniela Zeca-Buzura, journalist: It is said that when two writers start talking, they make literature. The two of us are saved – not only that we have our translators with us, tonight, but we also have colonel Vasile Mărineanu. So, I would like to reflect the reality of the hybrid war from two perspectives – the historical perspective and the literary perspective.
Vlad Russo, translator: The modern war has one more feature, which would be a different one from the mobilization of the armed troops. Albert Camus said that Goverments name their state a country when they send youung men to war. The idea of fighting for the country was certainly a mobilizing one.
Paolo Giordano, writer: To be very honest when I first went to Afghanistan, I knew very little about the reality which I was to face there. I was not even enroled in the army, therefore, I knew only a few things about the military operations from there. On the other hand, of course that this fresh view of mine upon things actually helped me in having an useful approach ever since the very start of my journey there. And this thing made me feel like a child in a way, like a disciple in front of a world which was entirely new to me. I suppose that this made me get closer to what the soldiers felt as they fought in Afghanistan. Beyond the training that they had, which I did not have, it is the same reaction that one may have in front of the war, in front of a familiar scenery.
Vasile Mărineanu, psychologist: The soldiers live the war moments as traumas, regardless of their nationality. I recall having read in a chapter where you outlined some features of the army, which I believe suit all soldiers regarsless of the country they come from. I too joined the military forces in Afghanistan in 2010.

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