Romanian culture makes a statement worldwide – Liviu Jicman, vicepresident of Romanian Cultural Institute in Bucharest

„If refer to the country brand, I think that culture is the most important resource. ” (Liviu Jicman, vicepresident of the Romanian Cultural Institute in Bucharest)

Do you know about the project Povești spuse-n românește developed by Romanian Instute Cultural in London?
Liviu Jicman: Of course, I have heard about this project. We support all the projects proposed by the international represenatives. The Romanian Cultural Institute in London has a lot of great ongoing projects. Its location 1 Belgrave Square is a reference adress for the Romanians living in London, but also for the foreigners who want to find out more about the culture from our country.
This weekend actor Marius Manole, also a role model of the young generation, will have two theater shows at Leicester Square Theater. How do you feel about this fact?
Liviu Jicman: I can only be very content that Romanian theater shows can also be seen at Leicester Square Theater. Starting from the attribute you gave to Marius Manole, he also took part at an debate in our venue, as being a role model for the young generation. The debate was called Art Dialog and it was between him and Victor Rebengiuc, also a role model for the elder generations of renowned actors. Therefore, I am really happy that the Romanian Cultural Institute in London organized these two events. It is our mission to promote the Romanian culture abroad. Actually, this is the main focus of the Romanian Cultural Institutes, which are currently 17 venues, and hopefully there will be 18 when the Romanina Cultural Institute from Beijing opens. At The Romanian Cultural Institute from London there are really good and wide projects, that are created by an acknowledged team. Therefore, I hapily salute these projects and the activities of our colleagues from London.
How would you like the Romanian culture to be perceived abroad?
Liviu Jicman: First of all, I would like Romanian culture to be noticed, because it has so many valences and it is important for the foreigners to come across our culture, and I here refer to everything meaning the contemporary culture, the cultural personalities from nowadays. I believe that our efforts have to concentrate on promoting the culture in order to facilitate the access of those envolved in this phenomenon in an international turnover. Regarding the funds, our resources are limited and insufficient, this is why it is important to invest in programmes, in events, in the activity of cultural personalities, that can have a continuity internationally. We have cultural personalities that have earned their title also abroad. They may be few well-known here than there. We need to support their presence both in our country and abroad. Concering the Romanian artists, I think it is important for them to be envolved in international projects and to be supported for an international opening of their art at festivals, art fairs, exhibitions, events we currently develop. I can only give a few examples here: I believe that international succes of the Romanian movies is a confirmed one, so it is no longer a surprise. Then, the success expands in the literary domain, in which have appreciated writers, who are awarded and being translated also with the support of the Romanian Cultural Institute. It is important that I salute the literary programmes, that have been going on ever since the presicency of Horia-Roman Patapievici. The international publishing houses choose the Romanian writers whose literary works can sell on their country’s market. I really do believe that in all cultural domains we have something to say as Romanians, to make a statement and leave a mark. 

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