Book launch – Ripper by Isabel Allende, Humanitas Fiction

I was really delighted to attend the book launch of Ripper by Isabel Allende, printed by Humanitas Fiction, organized at the Humanitas Bookshop near Cișmigiu park and Cervantes Institute of Bucharest. The debate about the book was moderated by Andreea Răsuceanu, whose guests were Romanian personalities who are real inspirational guides concerning my reading choices each time I want to enrich my bookcase. An lovely presence was talented  young actress Letiția Vlădescu, who was invited to read from Ripper by Isabel Allende.

Cornelia Rădulescu, translator of the book:  In the Ripper, you could notice the mark of the huge story-teller which is Isabel Allende, who never has approaches a theme more than once in a book. This is what I like about heer writing and this is why I have been translating her for so many years now. This is the 15th book written by Isabel Allende, which I translate. I am really interested in what her next book will be like. 

Andreea Răsuceanu, literary critic and Humanitas Fiction editor: The most important feature of writer Isabel Allende is the fac that she is capable of switching trippingly the literary genres. Today we speak about the book Ripper, whom the literary critics have labelled as detective, whose suspanse it is very well maintained until the end of the reading. I also believe that it is a much more complex book to be classified only in this genre.  The book Ripper it is also a love novel whom love trianglo has a spectacular evolution. From my point of view, it is also a pshychological novel, because it discusses the teenage crisis. The main character of the book, Amanda Martin, is the engine of the action. What I also like about this book is the critical view on the obession of today’s societies.

Ioana Bâldea Constantinescu, journalist and writer:  What I like about the novel is that in its first pages, after we meet this Blake Jackson, who is a great spotlight character, who actually writes a book, which is highly critized by the critics. The book approaches the magic realism in a recusant style, which Isabelle Allende had used for all her life. She wrote a detective book in which she showed that she actually can do it, that she feels good about it. But the novel it is also a love story with San Francisco the city she lives in, which is her adoptive town.

Elisabeta Lăsconi, University professor and literary critic: Is Ripper a detective book? Apparently, yes. You read in breathlessly. It also has a dose of romance, a dose of mystery, but in depth, I believe that this is a very serious novel about the American world, about family dramas, about the decisions and mischiefs of an age, that might cost you throughtout your lifetime.  You will find numerous examples of the American way of living. In the depth of the psychological novel it is hidden a novel of social criticism, which is extremely profound, or it is hidden merely the forbearance of a writer who unveils you some other types of people too.

Iuliana Alexa, head-editor of Psycohologies magazine: Did you ever think of why you like detective books? Which is the psychological gear that makes people read a detective book without getting bored ? It is anexiety, which is a componently inherntly rewarding. More than that, anticipating the reward is it pleasurable. It is somewhat the same thing regarding the detective literature. I believe it is very hard to write a detective novel to keep you caught in the action until the last page of the book.

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