Romanian actor, Marius Manole, will have two shows in London this weekend

The most active Romanian theater actor, Marius Manole, will star in two shows at Leicester SquareTeather this weekend, as part of the project Povești spuse-n românește.

On the 16th May the Romanians living in London will have the oportonity to see one of the most popular Romanian theater shows called Fă-mi loc! by Anthony Michineau directed by Radu Beligan, who was established by the Guinness World Records as the oldest active professional theatre actor.  The play was written by French dramatist Anthony Michineau, who declared himself impressed by the two Romanian actors’ performance, Medeea Marinescu and Marius Manole, while they had Fă-mi loc! in 2013 in Paris.

Also starring in the romantic  energezing comedy is  Medeea Marinescu, who is nationally recognized as a multi-talented actress whose peformances are renowned both for movies, theater shows and concerts.

With a wam, soft and delicate voice, actress Medeea Marinescu said about a working with Marius Manole: Marius is a great fellow. But, beyond his talent, beyond his purposefulness and earnestness, beyond his energy which he invests carelessly, beyond the fact that he is a stage partner which you enjoy working with because he always challenges you, what I like about him is the spirit of fellowship which he owns. A spirit of fellowship like his is a precious thing in this pragmatic unscrupulous world.

During theatrical season 2013-2014, that is from September to June, Marius Manole has had over 500 theater shows, which made the Romanian audience wonder whether he may qualifity for the Guiness World Records as well.
Marius Manole about his on-going working ability: I have learnt from my theater teacher from University of Arts „George Enescu” in Iași that it takes 1 percent talent and 99 percent sweat to make it.  So, it seems that I understood his words very well. I never get bored of what I do in theater. I still enjoy a show even if I did it for 100-150 times. I am still interested in how the next perfomance turns out to be. Each show is different from another, not to mention how interesting the rehearsals are. As a matter of fact, during rehearsals we, the actors, have this wonderful research process, we try on new skills, and we enjoy it. So, the woking ability comes also from this curiosity of always finding out new things and trying new things.

Tickets for the show Fă-mi loc! are sold out. But for those of you who are eager to see Marius Manole there is still another chance by attending the show Oase pentru Otto by Lia Bugnar, which will take place on the 17th of May also in Leceister Square Theater.

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