Young actress Letiția Vlădescu will have a show in London

At only 27 years old,  Romanian actress Letiția Vlădescu will star on the Leicester Square Theater in London, on the 17th of May. The show is called Oase pentru Otto by Lia Bugnar (actress,playwright, director) and is part of the project Povești spuse-n românește. Before leaving for London the actress was invited by Humanitas Fiction, renowned Romanian publishing house,  to read from their newest released book – The Ripper game by Isabel Allende. Letiția Vlădescu has also studied music for 16 years, she plays violin, piano, sings and writes her own songs.

One lovely spring day in a victorian garden, I sat down with impressive Letiția Vlădescu and recalled her first mind images about the theater and her very first connection to it.
What is you first memory about theater?
Letiția Vlădescu:The show My Fair Lady, which I was at the National Operetta Theater, who conductor was my father and Eliza Doolittle was Miora Manea, soloist of the Operreta. If a was to set a model of total beauty, that artistic beauty, for me it was the last act in which Eliza Doolittle appeared at the ball. I was 5 years old and I recall that image when she climbed down the stairs and the queen told her: Ravishing! Really ravishing! I seemed to have seen something from another world, from another dimension and it stood with me as a model. I had seen that show for 30 times. The part of Eliza Doolittle was a great passion of mine.
You too have been Eliza Doolitle.
Letiția Vlădescu:Yes, while I was in college. It was my creative project. Miora Manea gave me the scores, and I gathered all of my colleagues and they came. You see, it happens that I also have this luck, that people care about me and tolerate my moods, as I moralized them as a colleague.
Did you have another passion for a part?
Letiția Vlădescu:Yes, I had a passion for my MA gratuation role, Hedda Gabler. It was something that I will never forget and which will remain a model for me for the rest of my life – the show, my colleagues, my working relationship, my friendship with Ciprian Nechita and what had happened there. It remains my passionate role.
Which would be a favourite line of this character?
Letiția Vlădescu:I sit and shoot at the sky’s grace. I have a notebook from Florence in which I jot down all sorts of things in English, texts I write, my own quotes, for example: I drew you, what did you do? From Hedda I wrote down – Everything that is ridiculous and disgraceful falls as a curse on everyhting that I touch.

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