Thousands of Romanians are in the street to show their disasproval for abusive deforestation

On Saturday, the 9th of May,  in 28 cities from Romania there were organized major protests against the abusive deforestations, which left Romania in just a few years with only half of the wooded afforested surface which it had in 1989, the year of the National Revolution against the communist regime. 

The International European Day meant a reason for drawing the attention upon an important isssue from Romania  that has been neglected  since the 1989 Revolution. Under the slogan „United we save the forests „chanted by the crowd, hundres of people from Bucharest and other 28 Romanian cities left their daily activities this afternoon in order to join the national protest designed for raising awareness at the massive deforestations that have been taking place in Romania in the past 26 years.

As a fact, the forests from Romania represent half of the total surface of the virgin forests of the European Union.  What will happen if the great majority of woods will dissapear? The effects upon nature will be devastating to the animals and especially to the human environment. In the hope of stoping the massive deforestations from Romania, thousands of people have stepped out in the street today. Among them their supporters there was renowned actress Mrs. Oana Pellea, an inspirational figure, who recently became the ambassador of a humanitarian foundation, Make a wish.

You can keep track on the whole row of events on the facebook page of the organizers.

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